Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When will I get my laundry back?

We try our best to ensure that your clothes get delivered to you at the promised time. All wash, dry and fold orders will be returned in 24 hours. In case we’re overloaded, please bear with us.

How much do my clothes weigh?

Shirt 300 - 400 g.
T- Shirt 150 – 200 g.
Jeans 600 – 800 g.
Trousers 500 – 700 g.
Salwaar/ Churidar 200 – 400 g.
Cotton Pant 450 – 500 g.
Ladies Tshirt 100 – 150 g.
Kurtha 120 – 150 g.
Dupatta 120 – 150 g.
Leggings 150 – 180 g.
Scarf 50 – 80 g.
Track Pant 250 – 300 g.
Shorts 200 – 250 g.
Pair of Undergarments 120 – 150 g.
Patiyala 150 – 180 g.

How do I schedule a pickup?

Simply go online and click away.  You can also call us or email us to schedule a delivery.

What are your store timings?

We are open from 9:30 am to 9:30 pm. We are closed on Tuesdays.

What areas do you provide pick-up and drop?

We’re always adding new locations. Currently, we provide pick-up and drop for the following areas:

Bannerghatta Road
BTM Layout
HSR Layout
Indira Nagar
JP Nagar
Kumaraswamy Layout
Richmond Town
SG Palya
Wilson Garden

I don’t want others to handle my clothes. Can I do my own laundry?

Sure! Just visit any of our Laundromats and ask for DIY (Do it Yourself)

Is the store clean?

Yes, in fact we take great pride in how clean we keep our stores. You will not find a cleaner Laundromat in Bangalore! Please bring anything that needs cleaning to our attention.

Do you mix my clothes with other people's clothes?

We understand what hygiene means to you when it comes to your clothes. We do not mix any of your clothes with those of others in order to maintain hygiene. We label each washer, dryer and laundry cart with your identifying information.

What happens if clothes in my wash order are damaged?

Any items determined to have been damaged/ lost by The Laundry Basket will be reimbursed in accordance with the International Fabricare Fair Claims Guide and shall not exceed ten (10) times our charge for cleaning that garment regardless of brand or condition. Before you contact us about damages, please see our terms of service.

How do I have to pay for your services?

Payment shall be collected at the time of delivery of garments. You can choose to pay either by cash or card.

Do you also use fabric softeners?

Fabric softeners can be provided on request. Just let us know.

Do you also provide Dry Wash?

No, we don't Provide Dry wash. Service will be available shortly.

Can I wash comforters, blankets, or quilts?

Yes. Please see our charge sheet for further details.

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