In today’s fast paced world, where you hardly find time for yourselves and your family, wouldn’t it be great if someone else does your laundry for you? You don't have to trouble yourself anymore with your daily laundry. Just call us or visit any of our ultra-modern Laundromats. We will take care of it.

We, at The Laundry Basket are dedicated to provide you with the best of the best. Our ultra-modern machines shipped from half way across the world ensure top-notch quality for your much loved clothes.

We understand your hygiene needs and don’t worry, we’ve got it covered. We do not mix any of your clothes or laundry with those of others. Your wash your load. You would not want your clothes to be washed with your neighbor’s father’s nephew, would you, eh?

We are here to help you in your eternal quest for work-life balance. So stop wasting your time doing dirty laundry, instead do something that makes you happy – build your business, or dance in the kitchen with your partner or maybe, just roll down a hill with your kids.

We wash, dry and iron your clothes, you just have to ask. Well, what can we say; we like to spoil our customers.

Wash laundry
Dry Clothes
Fold Laundry
Iron Clothes
The Laundry Basket

You spend an average of 3 years in your lifetime washing clothes.
Can you believe it?
Relieve yourself, Outsource your laundry!

How we Work?

Drop off

Just drop-off your clothes at any of our stores. We will do the rest! You can pick them back, Fresh and Clean, within 3 hours.

Laundry Drop icon

Drop Off Your Clothes

Wash and Iron Clothes icon

We Wash And Iron

Laundry Ready icon

Receive A Message Once Clothes Are Ready

Pick up Laundry icon

Pick Up Your Laundry

Pick Up & Drop

Too lazy to get out?
Just log on to our website or call us to schedule an appointment. We will pick up your clothes and deliver them back to you within 24 hours. Simple, right?

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Pick up Laundry icon

We Pick-Up

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Wash & Iron

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Do It Yourself (DIY)

Want to try our machines yourself?
We even offer you to do your own laundry in our state-of-the-art laundromats. Our representatives are always there to help you.

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Visit Us

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Wash And Dry Your Clothes

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Enjoy Free Wifi While You Wait

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Have A Laundry-Free Weekend

What we charge? *

We do not mix your laundry with that of others. We charge on load basis

Normal Clothes
Upto 4.5 kgs- 219.00
Upto 5.5 kgs- 244.00
Upto 6.5 kgs- 269.00
Upto 7.5 kgs- 294.00
Upto 4.5 kgs- 269.00
Upto 5.5 kgs- 299.00
Upto 6.5 kgs- 329.00
Upto 7.5 kgs- 359.00

Vaccum Steam Press
Sarees- 15 Per Piece
Dhoti/Lungi/Bed Sheet- 15 Per Piece
Handkerchief- 3 Per Piece
Others- 7 Per Piece
Bleach 20 per wash
Dettol Wash 20 per wash
Fabric Conditioner 25 per wash
Pick Up Drop Charges 49 per order
* Service Taxes Additional at 15%
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The Laundry Basket  
The Laundry Basket