The swag and glam associated with your white-colored clothes are indeed a great deal to maintain. Why? The direct reason is difficulties in retaining the same shine and whiteness in your fabric. Due to wear and tear, your white clothes may fade away. Or the worse part, it might even stick on shades from any other dress you had while washing! No worries, as our clean laundry tips are ready to make your whites look great once again!

Here are the 6 Tips to Brighten Your Clothes

Getting a crisp white shirt, pants, and similar cloth material is possible through neat hot ironing and with proper folding creases. However, beyond these, we have a few more quality services and steps that you can DIY at your home…

1. Clothes Separation:
Remember, the key here is to divide your white clothes alone from the rest. Let it even be lighter hues such as pink, yellow, or sky blue, the point here is to ensure that your other fabric does not transfer its colors onto the white ones.

2. Stains Pre-Treatment:
In the meantime of washing, if you see any stain on your material, pick your standard liquid laundry detergent and mildly scrub it over the dirt surface. But take note that you don’t use too much softener also, as it can magnetize dirt.

3. Low Heat Washing:
Now, let’s consider the flip side; you cannot make your clothes look yellowish in the way of cleaning them. To avoid this, wash your white clothes in a lower heat setting. And the best thing is to take off your clothes from the machine merely when they are a bit damp.

4. Lemon Juice Soaking:
If you do not have a proper bleaching agent or mild optical brightener, then lemon juice gets you covered. Mix 8 l of warm, fabric-suitable water in 125 ml of lemon juice and soak your white clothes in it for a few hours. Wash next to see the results!

5. Hydrogen Peroxide:
There might be some tough spots on your white clothes (such as the collar, armpits, etc.) that can be tricky to clean and brighten. In that case, use hydrogen peroxide and your detergent together. And the best part? H2O2 is 100 % natural and non-toxic to use.

6. Clothes Drying:
Sometimes, your fresh white clothes can actually develop a sort of odour and this radiates a foul smell nearby. The only thing to do here is to dry your washed clothes in the hot sun outside. Weather conditions play a vital role in retaining the whites we need.

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