Smelling sweaty and damp is not anyone’s ideal situation, but a good workout always involves sweat and stinky gym clothes. No matter what method we try, we always end up having a stinky set of workout clothes even after washing them thoroughly. This article explores seven ways to effectively eliminate the stinky and damp smell from your workout clothes. 

Air Your Clothes Out

Our smelly gym clothes are a breeding hub for bacteria, and we do not suggest you throw your damp workout clothes into the washing machine without air drying them first. We advise you to allow the smelly gym clothes to dry in the fresh air, preferably in the sun, to remove the dampness and bacteria before throwing them into your dryer and washing machine.

Do Not Overdo The Detergent 

As one of the best dry cleaners in Bangalore, we strongly advise you to go easy on the detergent; yes, you heard us right. Contrary to common belief, a lot of detergents on your workout clothes can aggravate the smell of your gym clothes. 

Apart from increasing the smell, a lot of detergent powder or soap can lead to mold formation on the clothes and cause skin allergies. 

Wash Your Clothes Converse And Inverse

Have you ever wondered why your gym clothes smell after washing? It is because you haven’t been washing your stinky gym clothes from the inside. While you might smell the stink on the outside, it is equally important to clean your clothes inside where the skin contacts the fabric. 

Use a mild detergent powder to wash the clothes inside out, including the underarm area, after letting the gym clothes dry in the open air for better and more effective results. 

Wash The Workout Clothes Separately From Your Heavy Clothes 

Your gym clothes need to absorb all the detergent and water to remove the stink, and if washed with heavy clothes like rugs, sweaters, cotton pullovers, etc., the lint from these clothes will make it difficult for the detergent to do its job on the gym clothes. 

Add Some Lemon Juice For Freshness

If you are thinking of ways to get the stink out of workout clothes, add some lemon juice to the water while soaking the gym clothes. The citric acid in the lemon will help break down any oil in the clothes, destroy bacteria, and add a hint of lemony freshness to the clothes. Who can say no to some lemony freshness?!

Using baking soda is another solution to your question: “How to clean sweaty gym clothes?”

Add a cup of baking soda to your laundry load to eliminate or neutralize the odor of your gym clothes! 

Freeze Your Clothes 

This method might seem unconventional, but putting your sweaty clothes in a plastic bag and freezing it in your refrigerator will eliminate all the bacteria and make it easy to wash the clothes. 


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