An online laundry service has become quite popular these days for being super easy and convenient. All you need to do is place an order online (or via a smartphone app) or through the pick-up center. If you arrange a time for your laundry to be picked up, they will send a representative to get your clothes from your house at the scheduled time and date.
The service provider will then washes and dry your clothes, and deliver them to your doorstep or you may visit the store to pick them up yourself.  

Now let’s see what the advantages of availing online laundry services are. 

Major Time Saver– let’s face this laundry work at home is time-consuming. It needs your energy and effort almost every week or it can be after every three to four days. Especially with working people, laundry chores are quite tedious to manage. Thus an online laundry service is a saviour for such families and people. You can focus on your other important work while your clothes are being properly taken care of.

Convenience– The best part of online laundry companies is the ease of their services. You can download their app or you may also place an order through their website. In case you have the company’s local store near you, you may also visit the store to drop off your clothes.

• Professional Cleaning– Highly trained cleaning professionals understand the different types of fabrics and the care each type needs. This is one of the main reasons why people rely on laundry services for expensive and delicate garments. You get fresh clothes without any damage.

 Additional Services– Most laundry service companies have other services like dry cleaning, ironing, steam cleaning, etc. So it is like a one-stop solution to all your laundry needs from washing to ironing.

• Cost-effective– you may think that online laundry service is an additional expense. But it can be cost-effective in the long run. You don’t have to spend money on detergents, fabric softeners, electricity and water.

• Fast Delivery– With laundry delivery service you can only expect on-time delivery without any hassle. If you are someone who constantly travels and needs your clothes fresh, you can just schedule a laundry service with a few clicks.

• Pickup & Drop– Since online laundry companies offer pickup and drop facilities, people with disabilities or any long-term health condition find such companies beneficial. It is also convenient for working people.

Why Choose The Laundry Basket?

Planning to find a reliable dry cleaning pick-up and delivery service provider near you? Avail the best-in-class services with the Laundry basket. 

Some of the key highlights are:

• Fast doorstep delivery and pick-up facility

• No hassle in scheduling cleaning services through the app.

• Has few physical stores where you may drop the garments.

• Provides 100% guaranteed hygienically cleaned and fresh clothes.

• Use eco-friendly cleaning agents that are safe to use.

• Affordable services that promise utmost professionalism.

Forget doing laundry chores by yourself when you can just relax during weekends. With The Laundry Basket, your clothes will be well taken care of.