Dry cleaning has to be the most effective cleaning method. However, one must know which garment is safer for dry cleaning and which one is unfit for it. For instance, silk garments stay in good condition for long when you dry clean them. On the other hand, cotton clothes are not fit for dry cleaning and need hand wash or machine wash only.

Learn about the right material for dry cleaning techniques from the Laundry Basket, your best dry cleaners in Bangalore. Below are the five types of garments you can dry clean and five types you cannot. 

Garments You Should Dry Clean

Silk– Clothing made from 100% silk needs dry cleaning as it ensures your garment remains the same with no change in colour or shine. Think of an expensive pure silk saree and you cannot wash it at home. It will need professional dry cleaning so that the fabric remains in good condition without any damage. You may contact the best dry cleaning service near me and leave your expensive silk garments to them for utmost care.

Pleated Garment– If you have clothes with pleating, it’s got to go to the dry cleaners. With professional service, it will preserve the pleats nicely. Also, most dry cleaners have re-pleating machines that can rescue any receding ones when necessary.

Garments with Embellishments-If you have a dress covered in sequins or a party saree dazzled with embellishments, then they deserve to be taken care of by a professional cleaner. Details like beading, sequins and other embellishments need special care and are preferred not done at home or it may easily fall off the garment.

Leather Wear– If you want your leather jacket to look like new, always take it to the dry cleaners. Professional cleaning will help remove stains and will keep the leather from cracking or shrinking.

All Types of Suits– This is another type of garment that must always be taken to the dry cleaner. Professional dry cleaning services will know how to handle suits as per their special requirements and maintain the shape and fit.

Garments You Should Never Dry Clean

Cashmere– Expensive cashmere is always better cleaned at home. This is because the harsh chemicals used by professional cleaners can damage natural fibres. Always try hand-washing your cashmere clothing in cold water, and use a mild detergent or cashmere shampoo.

Woolen Clothes– All the woolen garments need hand washing at home. Always use cold water and mild detergent so that the garment retains its soft and warm texture. Also, avoid wringing or twisting woolen clothes while washing to avoid damaging the fit. 

Synthetic Wears– Synthetic fabrics need hand washing or delicate machine wash. Fabrics such as acrylic and nylon should never be dry cleaned as too much heat may ruin the fabric and even melt synthetic material.

Denim Fabric– If you are someone who loves denim clothes, you need to wash them at home with cold water. Avoid using a dryer when cleaning denim clothes as it may damage the fabric over time. 

Cotton Garments– Cotton clothes need no extra washing care. They can be easily cleaned at home. Just make sure you spot-treat stains before washing them in cold or warm water. 
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