Online services come in handy in today’s world. They help get the desired results without unnecessary hassle and effort. We don’t have the time to do these household chores on our own. And also why should we, when there are many opportunities which make our life better and simplified. Thanks to technology, our lives have become a lot more convenient.

The same applies to cleaning and laundry services too. Clothes are picked directly from your doorstep, washed and returned clean. Such facilities promise quality, safety and hygiene which is especially important in today’s pandemic world.  

Why is online laundry service such a boom?

The increased usage of smartphones and the increasing penetration of the internet in smartphones have increased the use of online on-demand laundry service. The factors responsible for the growth of online laundry service is the free pick-up and drop facilities by the service providers. This facility not only saves the time of the customer but also saves the cost. Availability of these services also reduce the hassle of maintaining washing machines and reduces human effort, thus triggering the growth of online laundry service.  

Benefits of choosing laundry service with pick-up and drop facilities

Saves time

One of the major benefits of using pick-up and drop laundry service is that it saves you time. Doing the laundry can take hours considering the time spent in washing, folding and ironing. For people with hectic jobs, such time would be spent in doing things which are more important to you.  

Affordable services

Apart from the costs incurred regularly on purchasing washing materials, the cost incurred on purchasing the equipment is another reason why online laundry services are beneficial. Middle income group people may not be able finance a high quality washing machine without a loan. Considering the additional costs such as electricity bills, professional laundry service may be a good option. Professional laundry service companies bear the costs of providing the best services for your clothes.  

Good and professional results

One of the benefits of choosing pick-up and drop laundry service is that they increase the life of your favorite clothes. People who do their laundry by themselves also do not get the best results. For example, your garments may get damaged during the dry clean process and lose their quality, resulting in shorter lifespan. At The Laundry Basket, we have a team of professional laundry care experts who can satisfy their customers’ needs. Our team employs the best techniques and washing process considering the fabric of each garment. The main motto of our service is to ensure that all garments are washed, cleaned stains are removed and returned to the customers in a good condition.  

Order history and tracking

It becomes difficult to keep track of the orders as the service providers frequently issue invoices. The Laundry Basket app provides an easy way without having to stack your brains regarding the amount you spent on laundry for a specific period. You can view this information anytime you want. And also, our tracking system with the laundry experts ensures that there are no chances of your clothes getting mixed up with other clients’ garments.  

Available at convenience

The most important benefit of using a professional laundry service is convenience. Right from choosing the washing preferences, placing an order on the mobile phone, picking up and delivering laundry in your doorstep, tracking the order is done at the customer’s convenience.  

Best services by The Laundry Basket

We understand how tedious it is to do all the household chores by yourself, especially laundry. It is better to outsource laundry services. You can always rely on The Laundry Basket. We wash all your garments separately in a separate machine. With strict hygiene methods, you can be assured that your clothes are in safe hands.  

Conclusion on opting Laundry Basket online services

Since washing clothes is a tedious job that requires lots of time, effort and patience, people rely upon laundry service providers near them. To meet the demand of laundry service, many professional online laundry businesses have been providing services.The Laundry Basket is a leading online service provider in Bangalore. Being affordable and reliable, we are the best online laundry service provider in Bangalore and we’ll not disappoint you.