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Best Dry Cleaning Shop in Bangalore

Dry cleaning shop in Bangalore

Living in a busy, techno city like Bangalore, you might spend minimal time on washing clothes. So, why not give it a professional touch? Turn your fabrics, wrinkle-free, and stain-free from our best dry cleaners in Bangalore. Besides mere dirt removal, the services at our dry washing shop are quality-controlled. Because self-esteem comes when you dress-up well; and by presenting yourself in that way, your attire speaks volumes!

The Laundry Basket’s dry cleaning service

Are you looking for top-notch dry cleaning shops in Bangalore or neighboring cities? Search no more – The Laundry Basket’s dry washing service has got you covered. From being a quick turnaround expert to becoming an on-demand dry cleaning brand, our name is well-known among families and working professionals in Bangalore.

How It Work?

A designated Laundry Basket driver arrives at the customer's location to collect the laundry at the scheduled time.

Items are sorted based on fabric, color, and care requirements, then undergo washing or dry-cleaning at the Laundry Basket facility.

Cleaned items pass through a rigorous quality check at Laundry Basket, ensuring they meet the highest standards.

Place the ironing board on a flat, stable surface. Ensure it is clean and free of any dirt or residue.

Check the fabric care label on the dress to determine the appropriate ironing temperature. Different fabrics require different heat settings

The cleaned and inspected items are expertly folded or hung and then carefully packaged by the Laundry Basket team.

Why Choose Us for a dry cleaning service in Bangalore?


Since ‘The Laundry Basket’ is a customer-focused brand, our pricing strategy is estimated, minding your budget constraints. Check out our Price List for more details!

Comprehensive Locations

We cover dry washing services for multiple locations, irrespective of your place of living in Bangalore. Don’t go for searching “dry wash near me” or “dry cleaning shop near me” online because we have covered and offering services in multiple locations inside Bangalore city.

Authentic Professionals

Our brand boasts to own the reputation of one of the best dry cleaners in Bangalore. Hence, we assure premium quality on all our cleaning and washing services, right from the hands of specialists!

Superfast Delivery

Based on parameters such as pickup and delivery location, type of fabric, number of clothes, and more, you can avail the results even within 24 hours!

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There are research concerns on the toxicity and sustainability of dry cleaning. Yet, we guarantee that the products and substances used here are safe and conventional.

Yes. You can request for doorstep pickup and delivery of laundry through ‘The Laundry Basket’ mobile/web application.

Out of the many Bangalore brands, The Laundry Basket tops the list when it comes to quick pickup and delivery for customers.

You will find the best dry cleaners in Bangalore, undoubtedly from The Laundry Basket premises. We have specially-trained experts who treat every fabric with care.

Nylon, acetate, polyester, acrylics, spandex, and other synthetic fabrics usually don’t require dry cleaning.

From detailed inspection to laundering, pressing, creasing, and other fabric-specific processes, the overall setup of dry cleaning might be expensive. However, at our agency, we have affordable rates.