Delicate clothes and fabrics require considerate cleaning to ensure longevity and maintaining sheen. Dry cleaning delicate clothes help us to retain the freshness of the cloth along with keeping them clean and stain-free. Generally, people prefer choosing laundry for delicate and office attire because of the numerous benefits, such as removing stubborn stains, dirt, and odour, and being easy on clothes. Many of us feel stressed when it comes to washing our office clothes, but not anymore! Below are some quick and easy tips that one can utilize for keeping your clothes neat and clean.

Tips to keep your office clothes clean

The professionals of the Laundry Basket have brought you some effective tips that you must follow while doing your laundry. 

One of the mistakes that people make while cleaning the clothes is not sorting them based on their colours. It is because laundry is a mix-and-match game that one needs to understand. First, you must sort the clothes by fabrics, colours, and how dirty they are. This sorting helps prevent dye transfer and damage to clothes.

If you’re doing laundry at home, then you must read the care labels. This lets you know how to wash the clothes and what detergent will be needed. Right from wash cycles and wash temperature, you’ll get to know about everything in a detailed manner.

If you don’t want the stains to spread all over the clothes, then treat them immediately. All you need to do is blot the colour using a dry towel or a clean sponge. You can also choose the best laundry service to get effective results cleaning.

For maintaining the softness and sheen of t-shirts, experts always advise washing them in cold water. Cold water is preferred the most as it prevents shrinkage and colour fading of the t-shirts.

You’re always advised to avoid washing jeans frequently. It should be cleaned once a month by the experts. Always turn the jeans inside-out whether you’re washing with your hands or in the washing machine. This helps prevent the colour’s fading and excessive damage to the fabric.

If the clothes are delicate, then you should either do hand washing or avail of the laundry service. The machine wash can damage the elastic of such clothes, so make sure to hand wash your office and delicate garments in cold water.

Once the clothes are done, you need to press them precisely. This helps in keeping the sheen and softness of the clothes intact.

Why choose laundry services for office clothes?

There’s no doubt that office clothes get dirty frequently. To maintain the shine and softness of office clothes, one must choose the best laundry service. They ensure effective cleaning along with following the latest cleaning techniques.

Why Opt the Laundry Basket Services?

Professionals are available at The Laundry Basket Services, who take care of proper cleaning of clothes and stain removal. With the help of the laundry basket, all the stubborn stains on your clothes will be no more there. Also, we utilize high-grade cleaning solutions and the latest cleaning techniques. In addition, we are known to deliver the clothes on the promised time. Moreover, our charges are quite reasonable and allow our customers to return for the frequent services.  


Office Clothes cleaning requires proper cleaning for the removal of dirt and stains. With those described above quick and easy tips, you’ll be able to wash office clothes with ease.