If a house is to be healthy, everything in the house must be clean and tidy. If the house is not regularly cleaned dirt will build up. Germs will multiply and grow in the dirt and people living may fall sick. Amidst the chaos of everyday life, keeping your house clean can be one of the toughest jobs. Here are some cleaning tips for you and your family to keep your house clean every day. 

Tip#1 Put everything back to its place after use

This is the most important tip to make your house clean. When you move from one room to another make sure you have kept the things in the places where they belong. It takes much less time to run around when you need them again. It is easy to put away a few dresses in the bed, leave some vessels unwashed in the sink but they get piled up and become messy the next day. So make sure to complete the day’s work before you go to bed. If you are running out of space, consider some DIY closet organization ideas and extend your existing space. 

Tip#2 Do one room at a time

The next way to keep your house clean is to handle one room at a time. Different places that require special attention are


From wet floors to mirror stains, bathrooms endure a variety of messes throughout the week. The toilets, tub and sink are the essential places to clean. The best practice is to set a scheduled day and time to clean and stick to the schedule every week. Use disinfectant sprays on toilet handles, doorknobs, shower handles and other places you touch with your hands. Deep cleaning the floors especially, the corners is very essential. Once you step out of the shower, spray down a natural cleaner on the surface and again run water to wash the cleanser off.


From dirty dishes to everyday spills your kitchen goes through a lot in a week, thus making it the most important place to be cleaned regularly. Sweep the kitchen floor and make sure the dirt is not being dragged all the house. Wash the vessels as and when required and make sure you have an empty sink. Clean the kitchen counter tops once you complete cooking. Organize your refrigerator, clean the kitchen shelves and cupboards once a month to get rid of unwanted germs. Take care to disinfect your sink, taps, and surrounding tiles to prevent the build-up of harmful germs. Clean and disinfect the garbage bin regularly. Kitchen cleaning must be done regularly as it is said to be the heart of the home. 


A clean bedroom leads to a better night’s sleep. So, bedroom cleaning is also an important task in your household chores. Dust the furniture from top to bottom to give a neat look. Dusting the walls and cleaning up the cupboards, windows should be done regularly. The blankets and the bedspreads should be changed every week and the mattresses should be put in the sun for a few hours on a regular basis.

Tip#3 Make time to clean your house every week

Put small efforts every day to keep your house neat and tidy as possible. Draft a schedule and follow the routine every week. Concentrate on one room at a time. Put back your belongings at their appropriate places. Do not leave any small spills or stains unattended. Take few minutes and wipe them off with a cloth. Spend some time sweeping and mopping the floor regularly so that the dust does not get accumulated. Also, involve all your family members and make cleaning fun filled. Spend time to teach your children age-appropriate jobs which will definitely be effective in the long run.

A clean house will always bring in positive vibes in us and helps in maintaining the good hygiene of the family. At times, it becomes too difficult to tidy up a messy home and, in those situations, you can avail of our deep cleaning services at Laundry basket.  We have a proficient team to help you clean the nook and corners of your home which often gets ignored.