Do you own expensive clothes? Are you caring especially for certain garments? Then they require a professional touch. The importance you give to maintain a piece of cloth is balanced by how clean it is. And dry cleaning and online laundry are the solutions.

A chemical-based cleaning procedure, dry cleaning is also called ‘French cleaning’ since the French were first to introduce. Similar to how you clean garments at home, dry cleaning means professional cleaning and care. Instead of using a detergent and water, dry-clean hubs use liquid solvents. Also, you either wash it by hand or wait for the machine to do the work. But in dry cleaning, the devices are technically data-controlled. Therefore, you get super clean laundry products.

There are so many procedures followed within dry cleaning. Hence, if you are interested to know how things work internally within dry cleaners, then the following context will get you fully covered!

Behind the Scenes – Dry Cleaning

We noted before that dry cleaners use a liquid for the clothes. A portion of it is measured and poured onto the machine.

One reason why liquid solvents are used is that like water, these liquids do not really make the material ‘wet’. The solvent evaporates automatically upon removing the stains off the clothes after a re-circulation to loosen the impurities. Lastly, the material is pressed and steamed to remove creases, wrinkles, and other folds on the surface.

Note that the entire procedure, from stain pre-spotting to sanitization and drapery, your garment will take more than 2 hours, to get fresh and clean!

Difference Between Washing & Dry Cleaning

The intent to get clean clothes is the same as a dry cleaning and laundry service. Yet, there are subtle differences to note:

  1. To remove stains off clothes, chemicals and solvents such as Supercritical CO2, Chevron Phillips, and Perchloroethylene are used in dry cleaning. Whereas fabric softeners and detergents are used in laundering.
  2. As the name says, dry cleaning is done without water, while laundering is a water-based wash.
  3. In dry cleaning, the clothes are dried within a machine. In laundering, an additional step called spinning is undertaken to remove wetness.

When to Hire Dry Cleaners?

To put it straight, garments with tailored stitches and beads work, delicate silk materials, and persistent levels of dirt or stain must be professionally cleaned. Dry cleaning also necessitates action when you are doubtful about its quality or washability status. Sophisticated items such as branded cotton boxers, tuxedos, suits, and blazers do require professional care.

Professional Cleaning at the Dry Cleaners

Since there is no disposal or draining needed in dry cleaning (as in the case of soiled water), the next step is to press it. Professional dry cleaners will use high-end instruments to press and ‘finish’ the garment. This finishing method varies across the type of fabric cleaned. Yet, steaming and pressing are the two frequent ways.

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