Festival season is here. This Diwali, you’re likely to attend a lot of parties, dances, and festive events, so make sure your favorite ethnic attire gets prepared. However, good care must get taken off these garments, and it is simple to do so.

Even after the actual Indian holiday season has passed and you get left with all the lovely and pricey ethnic clothing you bought. Typically, folks fold them and store them in the closet until a wedding or family gathering is scheduled. A resounding NO!  

Why Take Extra Care When Laundering Festival Attire

Indians have long been known for having distinctive attire and styles of wearing. India is a country with many different cultures, religions, ethnic groups, and lifestyles, and all of these characteristics are clearly reflected in the way Indians dress in their traditional attire. Indians cherish their traditional cultural attire and never lose their heritage, especially during festivals. Additionally, special care must get taken to preserve the authenticity and beauty of festival attire.

How to Take Care of Festive Attires

Here are some ideas and tactics you can use to take care of your festive clothes to extend their lifespan:

●  Dry clean only if instructed

To prevent the sequins and other decorations on your saree or lehenga from losing their luster, have it dry-cleaned. Some handloom garments, however, may be cleaned at home using a mild detergent. Whatever you do, be sure to thoroughly read and adhere to the washing directions. There is a purpose for it!

●  Eliminate stains if there are any

The likelihood of the stains becoming permanent increases the longer you ignore them. On certain textiles, like cotton or polyester, it’s OK to use stain-cleaning agents, but silk or brocade may require expert assistance.

●  Utilize a decent fabric conditioner

The use of fabric softener is justifiable for obvious reasons. It works well to keep clothes supple and wrinkle-free. Additionally, it lessens friction between fibers, which results in reduced static cling, and protects your clothing from abrasion, extending the lifespan of your festival outfits.

●  Cold water

Clothing is less susceptible to shrink, fade, or otherwise be ruined when washed in cold water. Additionally, the use of cold water helps minimize wrinkles, reducing the need for ironing and its related energy expenses.

●  Storage

Molds may form if you store your ethnic clothing in a wooden closet, especially if you won’t be using it for a while. So, to prevent oxidation, use paper bags or appropriate storage sheets. Take them out sometimes to check on their condition and constantly switch up the folds to prevent tearing from the creases.

The Laundry Basket’s Approach with Festive Attire

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Bottom Line

It is no secret we love our festivals. And the festive attires are the perfect compliment to it. Maintaining them is and should be a priority and the above-mentioned tips will help you with that cause.