Franchise Business Opportunity in India with Low Investment

To enjoy the freedom to be more independent at work, being an entrepreneur is the right option. However, 90% of the startups at least in India, fail within the first 5 years of their incorporation. The reasons could be stated many, yet the notable one is the lack of unique/innovative ideas. If you are someone hunting for out-of-the-box business opportunities, then why not plan for launching a brand new franchise in India with the support of The Laundry Basket?

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A franchise in India is similar to a business partnership; there is a franchisor and a franchisee. To put it in simple words, the former gives a legal right to the latter for selling their services or products to the consumers and customers. The rules, regulations, and other norms for operating the business, under the company’s name, will be issued only by the franchisor to the franchise manager. Stating that, at The Laundry Basket, we welcome budding entrepreneurs and experienced professionals to open a franchise in India with low investment for the best rate of returns. providers to choose from.

3 Perks of having a Franchise Business

One of the primary benefits of franchising a business is that the franchisee will get brand awareness as the advertising will be done by the franchisor. You might feel less independent when forwarding the business, but in the bottom line, the success rate is higher here since this is a form of business with very little risk. You could be investing some capital amount in your franchisor, but ultimately, banks are more open to offering good loan options for franchise owners. Lastly, even franchising a business with low investment can profit you with good returns in the long run!

Why Pick The Laundry Basket Over Others

The biggest challenge for any business, especially for a franchise in India is to navigate and reach out to their target audience. But our brand covers this up for you by complying with both physical and digital hybrid models. This way, either the potential customers will directly drop-in their clothes or can schedule a laundry pick-up, right at their doorstep. Hence, you can guarantee customer satisfaction with the convenience of the services.

We also have a cloud-based software system to help you manage the day-to-day business efficiently from anywhere. Also, our application-based service ordering in the advent of our automated plug-and-play laundry business model will help your franchise get better revenue and attract more customers too in the long run.

Unlike other companies, we use only automated dosing pumps, thereby reducing detergent wastage and standardizing the overall service quality. Last but not the least, you can now start your franchise in India with a low investment with The Laundry Basket.


When one company (franchisor) gives another company (franchisee) the legal rights to promote and sell the existing company’s products and/or services, then it is said to be a franchise.

One of the best franchises to buy in India with a minimum investment is from The Laundry Basket. The services rendered here are quality-controlled and you can expect around 70% returns within a period of 18* months.

There are many options for investing in affordable franchises in India. Out of the many venture ideas, The Laundry Basket is one of the most affordable plans for buying a franchise in India with low investment.

First, determine your niche, find a suitable franchisor, complete all the official formalities, then avail ownership and license for the business, and kick start your franchise.

Yes, with an estimated 2,20,000 crores of market size, the laundry industry is 98% un-organized, offering more opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs. And those who are willing to involve in the plug-and-play business model will especially find the idea of The Laundry Basket’s franchise very attractive.