Suits form an integral part of a man’s wardrobe. It is often the most expensive addition to an existing collection and is an absolute necessity for business meetings and formal events. So, if you need to make an impression, never forget that perfect suit.

But, to keep up appearances it is also important to ensure proper care for your suits. Just tossing it in a washing machine is never a good idea. Dry wash is the most recommended method for keeping your suits prim and proper.

Determining the Right Time to Dry Clean a Suit

There’s no exact time for dry cleaning your suit. Depending on the nature of your work and how often you wear it, you will need to take it to a dry-cleaning shop. To keep your suits in optimum condition and perfect shape, it is advisable to store suits in breathable bags, specially designed for your precious suits. It is also necessary to hang them a few inches apart to ensure proper air circulation.

For barely worn suits, brushing, spot cleaning, and airing are enough. But, if the odors refuse to leave, it is time to opt for dry cleaning services.

Different Types of Suits

Depending on your personal preferences, you can choose varied suit styles. While there are numerous differences in terms of cut, style, and design, here’s a simple overview of different types of suits.

Basic Suit: A basic suit is generally considered a casual choice and is not suitable for formal events. It can be a two or three-piece suit and is made of pure or blended wool.

Formal Suit: This is an elegant variety suitable for all types of occasions, irrespective of their casual or formal nature. It can be distinguished with a slim fit, single or double-breasted design, and jetted or flap pockets.

Business Suit: A business suit can be truly versatile and can make a style statement in the board room. It gives a no-nonsense formal appearance.

Tuxedo: A tuxedo is recognized by its bow tie. Its buttons are covered with the same fabric as the lapel and it generally comes with a waistband.

Casual Jacket: It is perfect for those looking for a comfortable yet chic look. It comes with a jacket that can be easily paired with different types of shirts, t-shirts, and pants.

For each of these varieties, it is important to follow a regimented cleaning procedure. Only professional dry cleaners can apply the best cleaning tactics depending on the fabric of your suit. Therefore, it is recommended to select the best dry cleaners in Bangalore.

Best tips to select dry cleaners

When it comes to choosing a dry cleaner for your suit, make no compromises. Check out online reviews, consult a few friends, and visit some online laundry services to find the best match. Most professional dry cleaning services will offer affordable rates and will give an option for convenient pickup and delivery to and from your destination.

It is also a good idea to check out their damage policies. Companies willing to provide a refund or compensation for any untoward incident can be considered reliable. Besides, it is also important to look out for hygienic and timely services that provide complete peace of mind. And if you are conscious about the environment, it is a great idea to check out whether your laundry uses eco-friendly chemicals for dry cleaning.

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