Sneakers are essentially a type of shoe that all of us like to wear, and it is the comfort that makes sure that people, irrespective of their ages and problems, can wear sneakers. But now that the monsoon season has come in full swing, you must know the best way to clean sneakers because all of our favourite shoes are at risk of getting spoiled.

Don’t worry because not only we will be helping you with some of the best tips which can come in handy to clean your favourite sneakers, but we will also make sure that you can understand which is the best shoe cleaning service that you can rely on. There are professional options that will take care of your shoe cleaning.  

Why Is Keeping Your Footwear Clean Important?

Now it is pretty standard that you might ask us why you should keep your footwear clean and what is needed to ensure that they are in perfect condition. One of the most important reasons is because of hygiene. If you do not keep your shoes clean, it might also lead to smelly feet, which could cause infection in the long run.  

Best Ways To Keep Your Sneakers Clean This Monsoon Are:

Some of the most promising ways in which you can clean leather sneakers are:

Use Brush: People often think you need to have access to many fancy tools when it comes to keeping your shoes clean, but it is as simple as using a brush every day. If you have used your shoes in muddy areas, come back home and clean them simply with a brush.  

Water Cleaning: Sometimes, you do not need any added substance, and all you need to do is clean the shoes with the help of some freshwater. This will be able to wipe away all the accumulated dirt, specifically if it is recent.

Dry It: The following way in which you can clean your sneakers is to make sure that you dry the area which has been affected. Sometimes people cannot clean the wet patch, and hence, it is essential to wait and let the area dry out so that you can easily clean it.

Odour Free Tea Bags: Yes, you read it right! Using odour-free tea bags is also a great way of cleaning your sneakers, and you have to ensure that there are no hints of any kind of smell. Otherwise, it will stay in your shoes for a long time.

Polish: If you want your shoes to regain their shine, then the best thing you can do is use some polish with the help of a brush and clean the dirt off immediately.

Dehumidifying Shoes: Finally, another significant way of cleaning sneakers, specifically during the monsoon, is by dehumidifying them. There is a lot of moisture in the environment during this particular season, so dehumidifying could be the best option.  

Shoe Cleaning Services at The Laundry Basket:

If you are searching for the best shoe laundry services and cannot find one, then we are here at The Laundry Basket to help you with shoe cleaning. We have got a team of experts who are professional in the field of shoe cleaning and will be able to ensure that your shoes regain their new appearance once they have gone through servicing with us. As a professional shoe cleaning service, we aim to make sure that you, as clients, get the most promising benefits.

Keeping your shoes clean, specifically, your sneakers, is essential during the monsoon season, and try to follow these small tips, which could come in handy.