Almost everyone would agree that a good dry cleaning service provider can bring clothes back to life. But finding the right dry cleaning service means you need to understand if a particular dry cleaner company knows the best dry cleaning practices.

Proper dry cleaning techniques mean your clothes will be taken care of to meet your expectations and clothing needs.

Importance of Dry Cleaning

Unlike traditional cleaning methods that involve the use of water, dry cleaning works completely without work. And this process actually works better in cleaning different types of stains. Dry cleaning is suitable for different types of materials as per the label of the clothes. 

Tips for Proper Dry Cleaning Techniques

Reputable Dry Cleaner– The first and foremost important thing to consider is whether the dry cleaning service provider is reputed. This means you need to check their customer reviews from their website and other platforms where people share genuine information like Quora. 

Reading Label Instructions– Every garment has unique requirements when it comes to cleaning. This is why a dry cleaning service provider must understand the label instructions given about a specific garment. The label will indicate what kind of temperature and cleaning agents will suit your garments. 

Pre-treatment of Stains– If your clothes have stubborn stains, you should better get them to a professional dry cleaner who knows exactly how to keep your clothes clean and in good condition. Pre-treating stains before dry cleaning is a must. Your dry cleaner will be able to choose the right cleaning agents to treat the type of stains such as coffee, oil or anything hard to remove. Without pre-treating stains, the dry cleaning process may alter the texture and color of your favorite dress. 

Best Storage After Dry Cleaning– Once your clothes are back home from the dry cleaning service, you must take care of the right storage techniques. Storing garments in the right manner is a part of the daily care of clothes. Make sure that you keep your clothes in a dry and dark place away from UV rays. Avoid places that are easily prone to dampness. Also, you need to check your clothes and decide if they are suitable for hanging or folding. Not every garment is suitable for folding. Anything that is stretchable can be folded. Avoid folding your shirts and garments that are prone to wrinkles. 

Dry Cleaning Alternative Methods 

Always keep your clothes happy and fresh with the right cleaning techniques. If you need the best dry cleaners in Bangalore for your expensive and favorite dresses, get in touch with Laundry Basket.