Leather is such a favorite for winters in India. It is a fashionable fabric choice for the style-conscious people of the country. However, since India is quite hot for most of the year, it can be difficult to get a lot of wear for leather apparel. But that does not mean you won’t take care of them, right? In fact, if anything, it means that your leather apparel should be given extra care and attention!

Don’t Neglect Your Leather Apparel

The most important thing to understand about leather apparel is how crucial it is to keep them clean. This is for the simple reason that it is an expensive material. Whether it is a leather jacket or your leather pants, you have probably spent quite a bit of money on it. Hence, taking care of them is important. Also, when you take care of your leather apparel in the correct manner, chances are that they are going to have a long life.

Tips To Help Keep Your Leather Apparel Clean

The best thing to do would be to choose a good dry cleaning service for the purpose. There are some other tips you can use:

• Segregation

If you have ever made the mistake of throwing your leather jacket along with the weekly laundry into the washing machine, you know how traumatic it can be! Many people have done so only to be faced with the bitter truth that only experience can teach. Instead, make sure to keep your leather apparel in a different place than all other clothes and never try to wash it in the washing machine!

• What Is Your Requirement?

Basic Care: This means using a special leather cleaner to clean your leather apparel. Whether it is sweat or normal wear, your leather clothing needs to be cleaned and you must not use strong detergents for the purpose. Instead, a special leather cleaner should be used.

Extra Care: Make sure to choose a good dry cleaning service to give your leather cleaning the extra care it needs. This is best done at the end of winter when you are ready to put your leather apparel in storage for the year.

• Removal Of Stains

When there are stains, removing them as soon as possible is best. Use baby shampoo and warm water to do so. If there is oil, then removing it can be a bit more difficult. Start with a mixture of baby shampoo and warm water and use some blackboard chalk to rub on the area. Leave it on for a day and then clean it with warm water.

• No Dryer Please!

It is crucial to not use a dryer to dry your leather apparel. Go natural and dry it in the shade in natural sunlight. This will fetch the best results.

• Use a Cloth Hanger

The best way to store your leather apparel to ensure longevity is to use a cloth hanger for the purpose. This helps in maintaining the shape it.

Don’t treat your leather apparel just as you would treat your other apparel. Leather is a special material and therefore it demands special treatment. Taking care of it will be good because then you will get to wear them for many years and perhaps even pass them on to future generations. The best thing you could however do for your leather apparel is to use the services of a professional dry cleaner. The Laundry Basket is a great choice and they have particular expertise in cleaning leather apparel of all types. Get in touch with them and you will love what they do!