Nothing ruins an outfit faster than a bunch of lint all over it. Now, when you are in a hurry, you will never want to spend an additional 15 minutes lint-rolling yourself. Therefore, it is better to have other ideas to get all that cottony debris off you quickly. 

Why Do Clothes Get Lint?

Lint refers to the short fibres in the clothes that form a bundle and stick to the garments. It occurs when two fabrics rub together during washing and drying or when you stack the clothes. They can come from all types of fabrics. Using the washer and dryer often causes extra fibres to accumulate, increasing numbers if not maintained properly.

Lint is the result of friction in clothes when you wear them. The friction causes the fabric to loosen up and fall during washing. Although it is difficult to prevent the lint, you can minimize them.

Tips to Remove Lint from Clothes

Since you know what lint is and its existence, you need to focus on preventing these fibres from ruining your laundry and clothes. Enlisted are some effective ways to adopt, which can prevent lint on clothes after washing. 

Wash clothes inside out

Washing garments like cotton shirts inside out decreases the possibility of accumulating lint on these attractors. It might be some extra work, as you need to turn them inside out manually, yet it will be worth it in the end. Wash your clothes with a cold, gentle cycle that prevents lint and pilling from forming on the outside of the fabric.

Dry clothes on “air only” settings

Allow your dryer to remove lint for you. Toss your garments on a no-heat or air-dry cycle. You can also add a dryer sheet that will easily shake and tumble the lint from your favourite outfit. Remember to check your garment’s care tag for optimal dryer settings. Cleaning your dryer’s lint trap regularly helps prevent lint residue for a long time.

Use masking tape or a lint roller.

Often you will find masking tape or a lint roller at the back of your drawer. When using masking tape, wrap the tape in your hand with the sticky side facing outward. Blot your clothing to capture any lint formations, pet hair and fuzz. If you use lint removers, roll them along the fabric to capture any remaining lint.

Use low-heat drying.

Drying your clothes in a low-heat setting goes a long way in protecting them from damage and lint. Refer to your garment’s care tag for optimal dryer settings. 

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