We all know that pillows are an essential part of restorative sleep. Whether you have a sleepwell pillow or any brand pillow, the right pillow should always cushion your head and neck properly.

There are different shapes and sizes of pillows available in the market with varying types of fill. And each different type requires proper maintenance. You can either wash your pillows at home or you may opt for professional online laundry service providers.
So let us discuss how you can take care of your pillows at home with the right techniques.

3 Common Types of Bedroom Pillows

How To Prepare Pillows Before Washing?

Washing Methods for Different Pillow Types

The Final Care: Drying and Fluffing Pillows 

When you remove the pillows from the washer, you need to give them a good shake to smooth the filling down as much as possible. Make sure to tumble and fluff the pillows by hand every 15 minutes until they are absolutely dry. 

What Makes the Laundry Basket Different?

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