Often it seems that you are spending long hours working on your shirts and linen dresses. Undoubtedly, ironing is not a favourite household chore for many. However, sometimes it is necessary to do it all by yourself. Therefore, without much ado, let us explore the most effective hack for ironing the clothes.

5 Simple Ironing Hacks You Need to Adopt

Investing in a good ironing board

Decent tools help in winning half the battles. Ensure to invest in a well-padded ironing board with a smooth tight-fitting scorch resistant cover. You can also invest in modern non-stick boards or boards with reflective covers. These boards prevent the clothes from clinging and create more heat to make the job easier. Ensure to place and adjust the board at a comfortable height to make the job easier.

Make friends with steam

Besides having an ergonomic design and being comfortable to hold, the iron must have excellent steam output. Irons with better steam output help in the easy removal of creases. If you have to iron regularly, steam generator iron is the best choice. The irons come with separate water tanks, which produce more steam at higher pressure. It makes the job less arduous.

Use the dryer

If you need to iron a few clothing items having many creases, it is better to use a dryer instead of an iron. With a spray bottle filled with water, moisten all the items, and cast them in your dryer for a few minutes. The heat from the dryer will lead the moisture on the clothes to turn into steam and smooth any wrinkles instantly.  

Keep the iron’s surface clean

Often irons come with various coatings in the soleplate, such as ceramic and Teflon. Although these coatings are dirt resistant, you need to keep the soleplate clean. Irrespective of the iron, an occasional wipe down of the surface is essential to maintain cleanliness. Dilute a mild dish-wash liquid soap in warm water and wipe down the iron with a clean cloth. You can also use cotton-tipped swabs used especially for cleansing a small area to lose the grime settled in the grooves and holes.  

Spritz water on your clothes

Sprinkling water over the clothes before and during ironing makes it easier to straighten the wrinkles. Clothes made from natural fibres, such as cotton and linen, experience creases when washed and, therefore, require sprinkling water during ironing. You can also use the steam irons that come with a spray function. It will make your work easier and simpler. The extra moisture helps in smoothing out the wrinkles, leaving your clothes super crisp.

Why Hire Professional Ironing Service?

The best thing about letting a professional handle your ironing is the quality of their work. While you might get rid of the ironing pile quickly and overlook the odd creases, professionals perfectly smooth out every crease. Besides, they can get over the ironing pile at an impressive pace. Moreover, as they have years of experience and skills, they smooth out every crease on your favourite shirt to the top without harming the fabric. If you are looking to get rid of this tedious job, search for the best iron service near me, and get in touch with a professional ironing service.  

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