There’s always been this debate: ironing or steaming? Is steamer better than iron has been a common question for many. The ultimate answer lies in understanding the importance of both ironing and steaming. Some clothing items sustain the heat when ironed. But when it comes to delicate pieces the use of a clothing steamer is more appropriate.

To understand ironing vs steaming clothes let us first understand that a steamer is a device that uses heat and moisture to remove wrinkles from your clothes. On the other hand, iron is a device to remove wrinkles from fabric, heat and pressure. 

The Ironing Method – Ironing, also known as pressing, is done by a handheld piece of equipment that transfers heat from a flat surface to clothes. This heated surface of the iron firmly presses the clothing material to make it flat and remove all the wrinkles. Ironing does not involve steam but you can opt for professional steam ironing services. Search with “steam ironing near me” or “ironing service near me” to find suitable laundry services online. 

The Steaming Method – A garment steamer is a type of device that emits steam to relax the fibers in clothes. This steam needs to be directed after you hang clothes on a hanger. Soft fabrics are better for steaming. That way you can avoid applying strong heat to your clothes. Steamers are perfect for fabrics like silk, satin and polyester. When you use steam on delicate garments, you also eliminate the chance of burning your clothes. 

Ironing vs. Steaming: Which one is better?

Before you ask “Is ironing better than steaming?” Ask yourself what’s the importance of ironing and steaming. The truth is both methods are necessary. But you need to use what suits your garments best. 

What to Consider?

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