Footwear is an essential part of our daily lives. Whether it is your office, college or park, there is always a particular type of footwear for each place and purpose.

Thus it is very much essential to know and understand the cleaning needs of every type of footwear.

There are various kinds of footwear, and each one demands a particular cleaning process. Learning the techniques of cleaning footwear is not always easy and can be rather daunting. So the following tips would be absolutely helpful in this regard.

Fabric Footwear

Fabric footwear are common and are preferred by many as they come in various styles, designs and sizes. It is also very simple to clean your fabric shoes. Just use some liquid soap, combine this with two cups of warm water and you are good to go.  

Use medium hard bristled brushes to clean your fabric shoes. Also make sure that you need to target small parts one at a time to clean every corner thoroughly.  

Cleaning the bottoms of your footwear can be difficult as well. So, mix equal parts baking soda and water to produce a paste. Scrub the bottoms of your shoes gently with your brush dipped in this paste. At last, wipe away any soapy or baking soda remains with a clean and damp towel.

Leather Footwear

Combine water and white vinegar to make a solution that enables you to remove grime from your footwear. When it’s dry, use a light dry cloth to rub the entire shoe. To remove scuffs, dampen a towel with water and then immerse it in baking soda while providing your footwear a good wipe. Then wipe it clean with a dry cloth. Leather Footwear cleaning is no doubt a difficult task. If you wish to get professional cleaning services, then no one is better than the best laundry service in Bangalore, the Laundry Basket.

Suede Shoes  

Dust off any remaining dirt with a gentle brush. Also, rather than working against the suede, continue to proceed in the same way.

You can effortlessly rub out small scuffs or blemishes with a clean block eraser.

To remove larger and more tenacious stains, gently rub them out using a microfiber cloth immersed in white vinegar.

Enable the footwear to air dry entirely, but not in direct sunlight or heat.

Brush the surface area again once they’re entirely dry to smooth it out and restore its natural texture.

Running Shoes

Clean your brush after removing any dirt and grime with a toothbrush. Put it in a bowl of water with a teaspoon of washing detergent. The solution should be used on cloth, mesh, and rubber, but not foam or leather. Wipe the suds away using a moist sponge. Pre-treat stains with a dab of washing detergent before putting your lace in a delicate bag when you’re doing laundry. Before restringing your footwear, clean the space surrounding them. Of course, you can always get some professional cleaning services for running shoes if you search “laundry service near me” online.

The White Sneakers

Use a cotton ball soaked in nail polish remover or vinegar to clean stains away from white sneakers. If you must use bleach, be careful to dilute it first  

so that your footwear does not get stained. Use a brush to wash your kicks with a mix of one part bleach to five parts of water. Rinse with warm water to complete.

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