Laundry & Dry Cleaning Franchise Business Opportunity in India

If you are a budding entrepreneur or you are already an experienced business person, looking for new ideas to launch your venture, then you should put your skills into a franchise. Right from its benefits on faster growth to offering the perks of no advertising expenditure, the advantages are plenty yet with a promise of a higher return on investment. A dry cleaning franchise has good scope considering the aspects of prospective customers count as well as the overall market value in India.

Why You Can Consider starting a Laundry Franchise

Dry cleaning and laundry put together as one is a booming and most profitable venture idea for launching a franchise. Having a laundry franchise in India means that you don’t have to struggle yourself to find potential customers; because India being a fast-developing nation has millions of busy working people who look for a professional laundry service to wash and clean the clothes. And for that, you should consider the notion of opening a successful dry cleaning franchise with The Laundry Basket! providers to choose from.

Be a Part of The Laundry Basket Today

Partnering and kick-starting a laundry franchise might appear daunting for you are an amateur. However, The Laundry Basket will get you covered in this with its combined 6+ years of industry expertise and the know-how of a dry cleaning franchise business. We make sure that you take up the best possible decision (s) throughout your corporate journey with our teams

Also, we have a close tie-up with the world-famous brand ‘LG’ for all our equipment supply requirements. By partnering for a laundry franchise in India with us, you can indeed get professional assistance on opening an affordable franchise option and acting as a viable support system for complete equipment and maintenance.

Finally, to help you succeed in this technology-driven corporate world, we have the unique Phygital (Physical + Digital) model, so to attract customers from both physical stores and through innovations such as App-Based ordering, Cloud-Based Systems, Automated Dosing Systems, Digital Payments and more.

3 Key Benefits of Being a Franchise to The Laundry Basket

No business exists without risks. But assurance for a low-risk or even risk-free operation is given from The Laundry Basket. We state this since you already have limited liability with our entity as well as you are charged nothing in the meantime of marketing or advertising our brand. Also, no marketing cost is involved in the procedures by franchising with us as our team boasts of 6+ years of experience and are proficient in the areas of branding and customer awareness.

To ensure transparency, authenticity, and smoothness in the procedures, we have a mixture of technologies and innovations including that of our:

  • App-Based Order Placement.
  • Automated Dosing Systems.
  • Digital Payments.
  • Cloud-Based Systems.
  • IoT Enabled Laundry Equipment.

Once you open your laundry franchise in India with our team, you can expect an annual Return on Investment (ROI) of more than 70%. And, unlike the conventional franchisors, The Laundry Basket gives you the added benefit of repaying your investment within 15 to 18 months.

With no further delay, join hands with the best-experienced brand online, to turn your dreams of launching a dry cleaning and/or laundry franchise into a reality!


Starting your own business might look challenging if not overwhelming. But no worries as we at The Laundry Basket will assist you in launching your laundry business with a ready-made, industry-proven business model. For more personalized information, feel free to write your queries at hello@thelaundrybasket or just fill-up your franchise inquiry details at Our team will get back to your questions at the earliest.

Considering the aspects of experience, technologies, service quality, customer base, and the level of brand awareness, The Laundry Basket is one of the best franchises to start.

Yes, with more than 2.2 lakh crores of the total measurable market size, considering the present date scenario, the laundry business is one of the top 5 most profitable business sectors in India.

You can start a laundry business in India by partnering with The Laundry Basket and open your own franchise with a higher return on investments. You just need around Rs. 10 Lakhs for the initial investment into the business.