5 Laundry Tricks and Hacks

“I love doing the Laundry!” said no one ever!

Well, out of all the house chores, laundry is the most hated one, am I right? Plus, we barely know just one or two things about getting laundry done – for example, dump the clothes into the machine, run it up and dry them. Or in some cases, handwash certain delicates and woollens. And sometimes it might even take you ages to get rid of stubborn stains. But, how about, we tell you of some interesting Laundry tricks and hacks that will not just make your life easier but would save your time to focus on things that you actually love.

1. Want to make your sheets softer?

We often want our bedsheets and quilts to be soft enough so that after a long tiring day at work, we can just snuggle into one and seep into that cosy feeling, don’t we? So, try this trick – Put your sheets into the machine and run a cycle with half a cup of distilled white vinegar. This will not only make your sheets soft and bright but will also remove the lingering odor.

2. Want a quick fix to your kitchen grease stains?

While hustling in the kitchen, it is quite possible for your clothes to attract those dirty greasy stains. So, here is one hack – keep a piece of chalk in your kitchen. Chalk being an ultra-absorbent when rubbed on a bit on any oily kitchen stains, it tends to quickly absorb the grease and holds the stain from expanding until you put your cloth to wash. 

3. Want to know a hack to dry your clothes faster?

Do you have all the time in the world to sit and watch the machine as it runs its process? Well the answer is quite obvious! What you can do is, you can add a clean dry towel to the mix of wet clothes to speed up the machine-dry process. Don’t believe us? Well, try that out for yourself and enjoy the extra saved time.

4. Gym clothes leaving a bad sweat odour?

After a heavy workout and a bucket full of sweat, your clothes sure do smell like – well, something you don’t want to smell. To release the unpleasant smell, an hour before washing soak your clothes in cold water with half a cup of white vinegar. It will break down the sweat stains and remove the odour making it fresh for your next use.

5. Baby shampoos are not just for the babies!

Isn’t it our standard complain that our woollens tend to shrink immediately after a machine wash? Well, woollens in machine is anyway a big NO! Instead, soak your woollens in a bucket of lukewarm water and add two tablespoons of baby shampoo.  After 20 minutes, drain them, flatten and lay it out as taut as possible for woollens to stretch back to its original shape.

Aren’t these day-to-day hacks wonderful? Well try them out and you are sure to thank us for two reasons – saving up your time and making your laundry worry-free. Happy Laundry!

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