The pandemic has impacted us all greatly. All of India has been affected- some parts more than the others. But things cannot afford to come to a standstill- and that is why work must go on. To ensure your facility or offices are safe, you need to prioritise the need of the hour- sanitisation. Presenting, The Laundry Basket- the number one deep cleaning service for offices. We make sure to thoroughly clean every nook and cranny of your office and leave no stone unturned.  

Cleaning and disinfecting your office

The COVID-19 virus can be found even on flat surfaces such as office desks or stair railings. Even something as small as stationery could become dangerous. Hand sanitisation after touching multiple surfaces is necessary since touching your eyes, nose or mouth with infected hands could get you infected as well.  

Always follow the kind of disinfection and cleaning that is suitable for your office or facility. Some facilities may require a different method of cleaning. The following guidance is not suitable for healthcare or other specific industries and for the prevention of the spread of the COVID virus, not other germs.  

When to clean and when to disinfect

Cleaning and disinfecting are largely dependent on your office and the people that work together in proximity. If nobody has been tested positive, then cleaning once a day should suffice. Cleaning with popular disinfectant brands or soap will make sure to kill all germs that might contaminate the place and will make the environment healthy.  

If there is a lot of traffic in your workspace, such as a lot of people coming in and leaving your office, then you must significantly increase the number of times you clean. Other factors that are precursors to cleaning are:

-If your community or region has a high COVID-19 transmission rate

-If your employees or clients do not follow precautions well

-If there is a vaccination deficiency in your locale

-If there has been a person from your office who has been recently affected by covid-19.

Creating a routine for cleaning and disinfecting

To make sure your office or facility is clean throughout, you will need to create a routine that is optimal and achievable. A few steps to making such a routine are:

-Planning: How, when, where, and with what? Plan how you’re going to go about the cleaning, are you going to devote specific cleaning times, or will the cleaning take place simultaneously with the work going on in the office? When are you going to do the cleaning within the 24-hour time gap? Will it be in the morning or evening? Where will you be focusing on, is it cleaning countertops? And with what exactly will you clean? Which resources will you use? All these are important questions to consider while creating a comprehensive plan.

-Implementing: Clean according to your plan, and focus on high-touch surfaces. High touch surfaces are those which have a higher chance of coming in contact with people directly. Examples of these kinds of surfaces include pens, countertops, shopping carts, tables, doorknobs, light switches, handles, stair rails, elevator buttons, desks, keyboards, cellphones, toilets, faucets, and sinks which are just some of the items that may be found.  

Protect yourself and the cleaning staff. Make sure the staff is extensively trained to handle the resources and are aware of sanitisation themselves. They must make proper use of the equipment as well. Reading the labels and understanding their use is imperative. Using gloves and its like to handle such products should also be followed. Washing hands is another aspect of cleaning that cannot be ignored. One must wash hands for 20 seconds right away to ensure that all dirt and germs are washed off. Sanitisers must also be placed in convenient places to make sure hygiene is maintained.

How often do businesses need a cleaning service?

Businesses need cleaning services for as long and as often as the characteristics of that business deem it to be. Consider how your business is running and how it will continue to run. If there is a high traffic of people, and high touch surfaces are many, then it makes sense to clean more often than just once or twice a day. If there has been a recent COVID case, then cleaning more than once is also important.  

Difference between regular cleaning and deep cleaning

Regular and deep cleaning services are different from each other. While regular cleaning is cleaning like any other, deep cleaning utilises different resources and technology to thoroughly clean different surfaces. For example, stain removal is a type of deep cleaning service- while regular cleaning would not be able to achieve the same results. Regular cleaning services assist in keeping your business looking tidy and clean on the surface, but deep cleaning revitalises it by sanitising surfaces, removing stains from carpets, and refinishing tiles, wood, ceramic, or concrete floors. Because they see so much daily activity, bacteria quickly build upon popular office equipment like keyboards, phones, and copy machines. Deep cleaning also extends to elements of your company’ utilities like air ventilation and common office equipment like keyboards, phones, and copy machines. Regular cleaning services will help you keep the appearance and sanitation that deep cleaning provides for a longer period of time, but they cannot be compared to deep cleaning services.   

Why is deep cleaning important?

Deep cleaning is important because, plainly put, it gets rid of all the germs and viruses you can see with the regular eye. Offices and facilities are most often filled with high touch areas and are surprisingly more prone to dirt and germs than places such as bathrooms! Regular cleaning can handle daily prevention, but to get under the skin and clean properly, you need to avail deep cleaning services. It not only prevents contamination but goes several degrees further by completely wiping out potentially harmful viruses and keeping your facility safe.


If you need professional deep cleaning services without the hassle of doing it yourself or if you fear your staff is not trained enough, you can always avail of our services. The Laundry Basket provides deep cleaning services for your offices and facilities with flexible plans that can be altered to your preference. Call (number) to schedule your slot, or simply visit the nearest The Laundry Basket store to get in touch with us. Your safety is our priority.