Be it official meetings or weddings; ironing your clothes will be part of your to-do list and we are sure you are wondering why you are unable to press like a professional? For some, ironing may look like an uphill task because many things go wrong while ironing at home. Here, we have listed common problems with ironing at home.

Common problems with ironing at home

Are you frustrated seeing your favourite clothes sticking to the iron soleplate? 

This happens when you haven’t set the temperature right as per the fabric of your clothes. After making that adjustment, you need to wait for a few minutes before you start ironing. 

You may say that you are not sure of the right setting. In that case, you can start at a low temperature. By doing this, you will not end up burning your clothes. Ensure that you avoid direct contact with zippers, buttons, etc., to prevent any damage to your clothes.

Your clothes don’t look crisp and well-pressed though you have ensured that the iron is set at the right temperature. How to get a smooth press? Use a water spray to get a smooth press. Spray water on the clothes to make it easier to straighten any creases formed. Some irons come with a steam option which is an in-built water spray feature. 

If you use a steam iron, it is important that you fill in water before use. The next thing is you need to get rid of the water because it can start building up dirt and minerals. When calcium blocks the steam holes, it is hard to press your clothes. So, make sure you clean your soleplate with water and a cloth to extend the lifetime of your iron.

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