What is a franchise?  

A franchisor gives access to a franchisee the legal rights to sell products or services under the franchisor’s business name.

There are mushrooming start-ups in India growing significantly every year. The undeniable fact is that only very few start-ups are successful in sustaining their business growth and scale-up. The entrepreneurial journey is not an easy one as it involves innovative ideas. If you are looking for business opportunities then set up a new franchise in India. When it comes to the franchisee you need to look for an already successful brand for selling products or services.

Why should you be a franchise for The Laundry Basket?

The Laundry Basket beckons budding entrepreneurs and professionals to launch a franchise with low investment. You will get hands-on training on the methods, which are already tested and proven. The business strategies from The Laundry Basket will help you to grow your business quickly. We provide all kinds of support, from technology to the methods we use. The biggest perks of franchise are that you get a high ROI business. Though the challenge is navigating and reaching out to the target audience, our brand helps you comply with both physical and digital hybrid models.

Top Benefits of being a franchise to The Laundry Basket

Let’s look at the benefits of a franchise business.

You can open your laundry franchise or dry cleaning franchise in India with The Laundry Basket. The Laundry Basket assures low-risk or even risk-free operation. We charge you nothing for advertising or marketing our brand. We have 6+ years of experience and we are experts in branding and customer awareness. 

We use top-notch technologies and innovations that include:

-App-based order placement

-Automated dosing systems

-Digital payments

-Cloud-based systems

-IoT enabled laundry equipment

The customers can drop in their clothes or schedule a pick-up through our App right at their doorstep.

Opening a laundry franchise in India is never an uphill task as you have The Laundry Basket. All you need is a capital investment of INR 10 Lakhs, which includes a security deposit of INR 1 Lakh. You can gain around 70% ROI.  

About the App and its privileges

The Laundry Basket App enables the customers to book laundry service in few clicks. The laundry is collected and delivered to the home.

The App offers few perks and they are:

-Track laundry real time

-Send or collect laundry at preferred timing

-Delivery within 24 hours

-Hygienic wash

-Attractive laundry packages are available

-Refer a friend and get rewarded

How to start a business franchise with The Laundry basket?

The Laundry Basket has seen the massive potential for growth in this industry. Hence, we plan to expand its services all across India and invite franchisees to be a part of the growth journey. We provide on-demand laundry services and are currently operational in Bangalore. If you are ready to become The Laundry Basket franchise, you will get access to the know-how, business knowledge, the support, and the key to success so that you can gain profits.

Starting a laundry franchise is the most profitable idea and there are many people who look for a professional laundry service to wash the clothes. This business idea is a booming one.


If you are an amateur and think it is a daunting task to open a laundry franchise. We are here to help you to open an affordable franchise option to attract customers from both physical stores and through App-based ordering, cloud-based systems, digital payments and more. We will help you to succeed in this technology-driven corporate world. 

Interested to set-up a franchise in your city? Connect with us instantly and we are here to help you out.