Are you tired of battling pet hair every time you do laundry? Say goodbye to the struggle as we are here with some extraordinary tips for fur removal from clothes:

• Choosing The Right Laundry Detergent:

Not all detergents are equally effective in removing fur from clothes. So, you need to pick the right variety of laundry detergents only that are specifically meant to keep the clothes free from fur. The detergents mostly have special enzymes that can easily break down pet fur. This makes it easy really for you to remove the pet fur while washing the clothes. You can also use fabric softener for removing pet fur. The fabric softener will act as an odor eliminator for laundry.

• Using a Dryer to Remove Pet Hair:

Dryers are extremely effective in removing pet hair from clothes. Dryers loosen the pet hair from already dry items and allow the debris to be caught in the lint screen of the dryer. After using the dryer, you can wash your clothes as usual. This will ensure that pet hair is removed properly from each of your clothes. You can also get in touch with the best dry cleaners Bangalore to make your fur-free.

• Pre-Laundering Prep: Brushing and Lint-Rolling

Before you actually wash off your clothes, you can try using a brush or a lint roller. These lint-rollers can effectively pick out fur from different types of clothing items. You just have to roll the lint roller over your clothes, and the hair will easily be removed. For larger clumps of hair, it is better to use a brush. There are specific brushes available that are designed to remove pet hair from furniture and clothing. Go for one of these brushes.

• Designate Pet-Free Zones:

Keeping certain areas of your house pet-free can keep your clothes free from pet hair. Try to keep natural fabrics away from direct contact with pets, as they can attract hair easily. Also, keep the closet doors firmly closed and do not leave clothes out in the open. This will prevent pet hair from clinging to the clothes, and the clothes will remain clean.

• Consider Pet-Friendly Furniture Covers:

You can try using pet-friendly covers at home. This will prevent the pet hair from getting stuck to the furniture. This is going to save a considerable amount of time removing the hair from each of the furniture pieces. Nowadays, pet-friendly covers are available in different styles and designs. So, you can go for furniture covers that go well with the aesthetics of your house.

• Consistent Grooming – Brushing the Pet:

And here’s another effective way of reducing pet hair at home. Regularly brush your pet with a good quality brush. This will remove the loose fur and will also minimise the amount of pet hair on the clothes. You can also consider taking your pet to the vet if you see that there is too much shedding of hair.

Summing Up

These are a few pet owner laundry tips that will come in handy for the pet owners out there. Also, if you want to ensure that your clothes remain clean and fur-free at all times, then you should get your clothes cleaned up by professional dry cleaners in Bangalore. Contact us for more details.