The organic fibers derived from the seeds of a cotton plant is used in the making of garments. From shirts and skirts to socks and jeans, nearly all your clothes are manufactured through cotton. You will notice the usage of cotton even in bath linens, bedding, and medical supplies.

Cotton fabric is quite durable as compared to silk. However, this is less durable than wool. So, you must check the care and take the right steps towards washing cotton garments. And when it comes to a baby or patient, such fabric has to be given the additional focus on safe cleaning.

No worries, as the following points cover everything from tips to don’ts about your cotton garment care regimen.

How to Wash Your Cotton Clothes?

The variations available for cotton are plenty – Upland, Pima, Egyptian, Acala, and more. So, it is ideal to follow cleaning norms (given below) that are generic and not limited to care for cotton in one form or the other.

But before you initiate these steps, take time to read the care label or the instruction tag attached to your garment, and it will state whether the cloth is suitable for a machine or hand wash. The following are some simple tips for washing your cotton fabrics.

Here’s When You Should Get a Cotton Dry Cleaner

If you want you to preserve the natural color of the material, then go for dry cleaning. Cotton fabric dry cleaning services will give you a fresh, clean finish that is free from fading. This works best for dark-colored clothes such as jeans, shirts, cargo pants, tracksuits, blazers, etc.

The most intriguing part to analyze here is that the chances of any cotton material shrinkage are low with professional dry cleaning experts as compared to a hand wash! It all depends on whether you opted for deep or dry cleaning.

Key Tips to Care for Your Cotton Cloth

Though you may have your cotton cloth well-cleansed and fresh, you may experience foul smell or lint-like patches over the fabric. Beware of the below-mentioned points to tackle such concerns.

  1. Discoloration: The hydrogen peroxide in color-guard bleaches help in protecting the natural tint (hue) of the material.
  2. Stain treatment: Pre-treat surface areas of your material to remove stains.
  3. Drying and Shrinkage: Say No to wash line drying. Moisture content in the cotton should be dried with natural air dry or heat; this prevents shrinkage.
  4. Stretching: Pull out your washed cloth once taken from the water. It helps retain shape. Hang cotton clothes over thick lines, instead of wires.
  5. Ironing and Creasing: Iron your cotton fabric inside and out. By starting to iron inside the clothing, you can prevent disordered creasing. A steam ironing service can help you get rid of wrinkles.

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Availing Professional Cleaners for a Better Care

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