Finding clothing that fits perfectly, makes you look beautiful, and is comfortable may be challenging. Therefore, when you do, you should make sure that you maintain the original fit of the shoes. You can maintain your clothes looking brand-new and fitting perfectly by using the right washing and drying procedures and being aware of what to do in the event of inadvertent shrinking.  

Causes of Clothing Shrinkage

During the washing and drying processes, agitation and high temperatures can stretch or shrink the fabric. Fabrics like cotton, linen, or wool might shrink if they get washed too aggressively because the strands will tighten up. Additionally damaging the fabric and causing shrinkage are hot water washing cycles and high heat dryer settings. Shrink prevention is the only way to maintain your clothes. It’s no brainer you would want your clothes to be comfortable and fit just how you bought them in the first place.

How to Stop Clothing from Shrinking

Following are some of the ways you can prevent your clothes from shrinking:

● Before laundering, read the fabric care label

Check the care labels on any new clothes before buying them so you know what to expect before laundry.

You may determine whether a piece of clothing is “pre-shrunk” or prone to shrinking by looking at the fabric type on the care tag. Some clothing may get labeled as “dry clean only,” in which case washing them in a washer is not advised. Pay close attention to the suggested water temperature, washing cycle, and drying directions as well. As a general rule, avoiding shrinkage may be achieved by washing your clothing in cold, mild cycles and drying it on low heat.

● Utilize cold water

Keep it cool is the one piece of advice you should keep in mind if you want to “unshrink clothes.” Hot water or high dryer temperatures greatly increase the likelihood that clothing may shrink.

Preserving the “off-the-rack” size may be achieved in large part by washing clothes in cold water. Shrinkage may be avoided by avoiding heavy-duty cycles, quick spins, and high-heat drying.

● Tumble dry

Limiting damage to the fabric fibers, tumble drying or air drying your garments can help prevent shrinkage. To assist prevent shrinking, the care tag on your clothes will include the ideal temperature and dryer settings.

● Do not overdry laundry

The fabric can get harmed and clothes can shrink if you overdry and subject your clothing to extended cycles of high heat. To maintain your clothing, choose tumble or air-drying settings at shorter intervals.

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Wrapping Up

When washed in hot water with vigorous agitation or dried at high heat, which might cause overdrying, clothes might shrink in the washer. As a general rule, hot temperatures enhance the possibility of shrinking clothing throughout your laundry process.

By soaking clothing in lukewarm water, adding a few teaspoons of hair conditioner, stretching, and air drying, you may stop shrinking in some textiles.