Sneakers require proper cleaning and care. If you have a few pairs of sneakers or have a huge collection of sneakers, you must keep them clean and fresh.
Sneaker cleaning is not always easy at home. This is why a professional shoe cleaning service is always helpful.

The Basics: Sneaker Cleaning Kits

One of the most essential things required to keep sneakers clean is a sneakers cleaning kit. At Laundry Basket, we use top-grade quality cleaning kits for sneakers. We make sure that your shoe texture and look don’t get ruined. We use sneaker-specific cleaning kits so that we can remove the dirt and at the same time keep the show new-like. 

Advanced Care: Sneaker Protectors and Deodorizers

Not every sneaker will require sneaker protectors and deodorizers. Our shoe-cleaning experts provide extra attention to your exclusive sneakers. For any advanced care, we are always ready. We recommend using protective shields on your sneakers so that it remains protected against dust, dirt, stain and grime. 

If you need something extra and sophisticated for your favorite sneakers, Laundry Basket can give you the best service.

Sneaker Storage: Boxes and Bags

We recommend proper storage boxes and bags for sneakers. Your sneakers should be kept away from direct sunlight. Use the right kind of storage for your shoes that will not allow any moisture or heat to damage the sneaker material. Our best recommendation is to use shoe cabinets. High-quality plastic boxes are a good alternative too.

DIY Tips

You can clean your sneakers at home. But you need to follow the given steps properly.

Although it is not possible to send all your sneakers to professional shoe cleaners, you must at least get professional cleaning once every two months. With Laundry Basket, you can finally say goodbye to the stubborn sneaker dirt. We are not just your regular shoe cleaner, we made our name as one of the best sneaker cleaners in India. Just book your show care with us today and relax.