Breakfast snack stains, football grease marks, on-the-go business drinks stain, an accidental fall on the ground stains, vehicle tyre-change dirt mark, and the list goes on. The internal pain suffered due to your favorite clothing getting stained is much more than spilling your actual food itself on the ground.

You don’t want your expensive shirt or cute shorts ruined because of a stain mark! And so, to this end, we have suggested the best dry cleaning strategies (from our expertise and experience) that will get back your favorite piece of cloth fresh and new, by sparing only a few minutes from your busy schedule!

Remove 5 Different Stains Effectively from Your Clothes

As a word of caution, don’t panic and use any detergents over the material; this might immediately hamper the quality and durability of the fabric piece. So, get set and follow the below-said to remove those lasting stains effectively.

1. Cooldrinks & Coffee Stains:

Mix 1 spoon dish soap/wash solution with 10 ounces of water, as per your stain depth. Upon bloating, the staging should get removed; if not, then apply one part of ammonia to the solution. Get the fabric washed using a safe bleach; applies to juices and drinks.

In the case of coffee stains, soak the material in cold water for a few minutes. Then, pretreat it using a power laundry, stain wash remover, or a detergent booster liquid. Finally, launder it using bleach with sodium hypochlorite constituency.

2. Food Stains:

For sticky food products (chewing gum, the most common one), harden the stained surface by rubbing ice cubes or cold-dipping the cloth. Later, you can stature the same with a prewash stain remover, and rinse off and launder. 

Soaking the fabric into an enzyme cleaner for 30 minutes comes in handy for solid eatables (dairy products to say). Launder using warm water finally.

3. Make-Up Products Stains:

Lipstick marks are frequent stain cases, and you can get rid of one by spritzing the region with a hair spray. After 15 minutes or so, wipe the stained place using a damp cloth and get off the remaining stain marks. On the other side, foundation marks are easy to clean, when rubbed with alcohol over the stained surface, and blotting with a cotton ball. 

Note that you may need to hire a professional laundry services provider if there is a nail polish stain; since fully-removing is quite impossible, without the support of a professional.

4. Sauce Stains:

Like before, flush the material using cold water, pretreat the stain, and get it laundered with lukewarm water. Use a chlorine-based bleach ideally for mustard sauces. But if it’s a ketchup mark, avoid dabbing your fabric as it spreads the sauce around. 

For oily substances (like salad dressing and related condiments), sprinkle cornstarch over it and wait some time. Use a triple-action formula solution and let it sit for another 15 minutes to get it laundered finally. 

5. Household Stains:

In the case of tobacco marks, you can DIY; dampen the surface and rub using a block of bar soap. Upon enzyme pretreatment, soak and launder it. If stain still exists, rewash the material using a safe bleach. And for perfume sprays, pretreat with a stain remover (or liquid detergent) and launder. 

There are so many household items that can stain your favorite clothing. So, visit a dry-cleaning shop nearby to get the stain removed. 

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