Steam cleaning is a simple yet very effective cleaning process that involves using low-pressure steam. This steam is used to remove soluble substances from surfaces. With the help of this technique, garments stay in fresh and good condition for longer. 
You may opt for professional dry clean services for steam cleaning your clothes. Or you may do it yourself at home if you have a steam cleaner. 
So let’s discuss how to get your clothes properly steam cleaned in easy steps.

6 Steps For the Steaming Process:

1. Always prepare the surface- Remove all the dirt and dust from the surface of the cloth before you use the steamer. Use a soft brush to clean the surface well.

2. Get the attachment right- Always learn about the different attachments of the steamer. Different steamers come with various attachments such as brushes, scrapers, soft cloth, etc.

3. Steam cleaner setting up- Try to avoid hard water while using a steam cleaner for your clothes. Also select the appropriate attachment for steam cleaning the cloth you have and affix it to the machine.

4. Work in sections- The steam cleaning process should be done in sections. Apply the steam to one particular area, clean it and then move to the next section.

5. Rinse with water- After cleaning each section rinse the surface with water so that the first does not settle down again on the fabric.

6. Continue the same process until the entire garment is done. Once you finish steam cleaning, make sure to remove any residue the cloth may have.

Reason Why Steaming Clothes Are Better

• Kills Bacteria Entirely

With steam cleaning you can get rid of the bacteria in your clothes. As per expert recommendation, it is always better to wash and air dry your clothes before you use the steamer to kill that bacteria for good. For the entire dry cleaning or garment deep cleaning process, you may opt for online laundry service.

• Removes Odour

If you want to keep your clothes fresh, then steam cleaning is the best option you have. It removes those smelly odors from sweat or the overuse of harsh chemicals when washing. 

• Wrinkle-free Clothes
When you steam your clothes it relaxes the fabric, releasing wrinkles. Thus your clothes look in their natural form, smooth and beautiful always.

• No More Allergens

Steaming removes allergens that may be the cause of your suffering of cough and cold and hayfever. Our clothes attract dust mites, causing you to itch and sneeze. But with steam cleaning you can completely remove that. 

• No Chemicals Cleaning

Steam is the result of heated water and, therefore, is non-polluting and chemical free. This means with streaming you are not using any harsh chemicals to your garments. 

Freshens Up Between Washing Or Dry Cleaning
Not every time you would want to wash your clothes. Instead, you may choose steam cleaning that can keep your clothes fresh and clean. The best part is you can do steam cleaning at home without any problem at all.

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