With an overflow of light and a luxurious appearance, silk is an exotic natural fibre. Being an excellent thermoregulator, silk dresses and other such related kinds of laundry will require a few norms for its maintenance. Hygiene factors top those norms!

It is however not a necessity to get your clothes any laundry service. Anyhow, the benefits of hiring them are plenty. Yet, the following information will get you covered on how to wash and dry your silk clothes. 

Washing Things to Get for Your Silk Cloths 

Be it your favourite silk saree or your luxe silk tuxedo, the fundamental notion of maintaining the fabric clean is challenging, if not tedious. For this, the below-given items must be collected to start our washing procedure. 

Substituting any of these with regular promotional supplies can hamper the quality and durability of your cloth. Such conditions must be handled by a professional online laundry service, when in case of equipment/item unavailability. 

1. Before Wash: 

Silk clothes have the biggest concern with material bleeding, leading to fibre damage. Hence, before you wash the clothes:

2. Washing Silk Dresses at Home

Master a few easy-to-do steps and your fabric becomes clean and fresh in no time. Let’s first see how to clean silk by hand:

If you see any colour marks, no worries, as it must have got released from the yarn! Now, here’s how to clean the fabric using a machine quickly:

And, finally, let’s know how you must dry-finish your silk fabric:

Voila! Your silk clothes are ready.

3. After Your Wash

Lay an absorbent towel to remove excess moisture off the clothes. For better longevity, avoid using a dryer. Remember to have a cloth between your silk item and the iron. Store your material in a breathable plastic and use moth repellents like naphthalene balls to keep it neat and vibrant. 

When to Hire a Laundry Professional?

The answer is direct – connect to your nearest laundry service in Bangalore or from any locality:

  1. When you feel hesitated or anxious towards the fabric’s end-results.
  2. If the silk cloth is bleeding already. 
  3. Provided, your material is of premium quality. 
  4. When your silk cloth holds a sentimental value to it.
  5. If you prioritise fabric safety over quality.
  6. When you don’t have the right washing solutions. 

The Laundry Basket Expertise 

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