Here at The Laundry Basket, we understand the importance of hygiene and cleanliness. During these times of the Coronavirus, the need for being clean, hygienic and sanitized at all times can never be overstated.

Traditionally, being only a laundry service provider for your daily needs, the Coronavirus has broadened the hygiene needs of our customers. Based on customer demand and feedback, The Laundry Basket is happy to announce that we have also started with Deep Cleaning and Pest Control Services to cater to the growing hygiene needs of our customers.

Our team are highly trained to work thoroughly and at speed, whilst using our knowledge and expertise to ensure every success in dealing with this terrible virus.

We have now included the below services in our basket of services and hope to serve you with the best services in these times of crisis:

It’s important to understand during this time which methods of cleaning deliver fast, effective results, whilst ensuring your environments are protected safely and efficiently. 

Deep Cleaning at Your Workplace:

As more and more businesses slowly start opening up, it is extremely important to keep your workplace sanitized and disinfected at all times and on a continuous basis.

We at The Laundry Basket are committed to provide you the best cleaning and sanitization services for your needs.We offer office cleaning and sanitization services – We not only do Surface sanitizations but also sanitize the air and AC ducts of your offices. So, call us before your offices open.

* We use US EPA registered chemicals for sanitization which does not leave residue and also will be safe for humans.