Washing your laundry is a good option. Often there are times you do not have the chance to get rid of your dirty clothes. Above all, though doing the laundry saves you money, it is time-consuming. You can solve these problems by simply hiring a laundry service offering a one-stop laundry solution. Choosing a reputed and trustworthy laundry service like Laundry Basket has various advantages.

What is a One Stop Laundry Solution?

Laundry Basket emerged as a leading online laundry service provider and a perfect solution to your laundry woes. Whether it is your office wear, nightwear, casuals, or denims, we take the perfect care each of your clothes deserves. We are experienced and reputed laundry service providers in Bangalore, offering a wide range of cleaning services throughout the city. As a one-stop laundry solution, we offer you premium laundry service, dry cleaning service, regular washing, ironing, folding clothes, and more at affordable rates. 

One-stop laundry solution by The Laundry Basket

Laundry Basket makes your laundry work a breeze. Explore the services your favorite and most preferred laundry service offers. Our one-stop laundry solution includes the following:

Laundry Service

Do you want to take a break from the most time-consuming and tiresome chore? Well, we have you covered. We designed our laundry service to make your life more convenient for busy parents, working professionals, college students, and all persons having busy schedules throughout the day. 

Dry Cleaning Service

With winter approaching, most people are looking for winter coat dry cleaning. We offer laundry and dry cleaning at the same place. Our dry cleaning and delivery service are value-added, including pickup and delivery, fast turnaround time, and competitive prices.

Steam Ironing Service 

Recently, there has been a growing demand for steam ironing services. The professionals at the Laundry basket take utmost care of your clothes and use the suitable steam and temperature to press your clothes. We ensure that your clothes are always fresh and new.

Deep Cleaning Service

We get into every nook and corner of your house and ensure cleanliness and sanitation. Our proficient team furnishes even the most challenging areas of your home, which often get ignored and contains the highest quantity of mites, allergens, and dust.

Benefits of Laundry Basket

Pick and Drop

To save you time, we designed an application that helps you book our services faster. You need to download the application with a few taps, and your life will be easier. 

On-time Service

Our representative will pick up your clothes from your doorstep, wash, dry, fold, and press them, and deliver them back to your doorstep within 24 hours.


At Laundry Basket, we accept all types of payments for your convenience. Leave your dirty clothes on us, and indulge in something that makes you happy.


We know that you will never like your clothes washed with your neighbor’s father or other family members. Therefore, we never mix any of your clothes and laundry items with those of others. 

You can book our services easily through our application and discover a life without the hassles of frying clothes. Book our services and enjoy your ultimate laundry day lifehack