Denim jeans are a classic style and gives a rugged and fashionable look which is appropriate for all kinds of occassions. They are effortless, stylish and comfortable and when you invest in a good pair, they’re durable enough to stand the test of the time. But, a common mistake we make is not taking proper care of our jeans, only because we don’t think too much of it. This results in the jeans looking dull and faded within a short span of time.  

Why is denim care important in laundry?

Jeans have been an important item of clothing for many decades. Denim clothes came into existence during the 18th century, when there was abundant production of cotton. It gained importance because its durable and not easily torn. During the 19th century, the garment was made popular by Levi Strauss. In the 50’s the garment started becoming a craze for the teenage population. In the 60’s and 70’s bell bottoms with innovative designs became popular. It was in the 80’s that new and glamorous designs were created and denims were brought into limelight by popular models in commercials. Denims became one of the most sought after garments.  

Denims have now become a symbol of modeling and a fashion icon. In the late 90’s denims evolved into a number of other items such as jackets, shorts, skirts etc. apart from the normal pants. Denim jeans have now become a fashion accessory for models. Any fashion magazine will have a picture of models wearing a pair of latest designer jeans.  

Denims have transcended through ages and still have a sustainable market. A garment which was worn during tough work due to its durability has now become a fashion trend and worn by celebrities. They come in all colors, worn by all age groups for any occasion.  

Tips to take care of denims

There are certain steps that you should take which will help your denims last longer:

Wash denims less often

If you are a person who throws away your jeans into laundry every time you wear it, think twice about it. Denim fibers will last longer, the less you wash them. Denims will always shrink or fade depending on the denim and dye when it is overwashed. Wash your jeans only if they have developed some odor or become soiled. If your jeans have a little bit of dirt, then try spot cleaning them.  

Wash them in cold water

Washing your jeans in cold water protects them against fading and prevents your jeans from shrinking. Warm water shrinks jeans and weakens fibers. You don’t necessarily need to use the washing machine. You can just wet your jeans and hang them to dry.  

Wash denim with inside out

Always remember to turn your jeans inside out while washing. This will protect the outer layer and the inside of the garment will also be cleaned properly.  

Air dry denim over tumble dry

Drying your jeans naturally is the best way to make your jeans last longer. It is best to air dry your jeans in a clothes line away from sunlight. Exposure to sunlight will cause the color to fade. Do not tumble dry as it causes damage to the garment like wear and tear.  

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