Silk sarees are delicate and expensive. Therefore, there is a huge debate about how to wash them, especially at home. You treat your silk sarees exquisitely and with utmost care. Since you reserve these sarees for special occasions, you never want them to get dirty or stained, especially those with embroidery work or fragile embellishments that are difficult to clean.

Surprisingly, dry cleaning is not the only option to maintain the cleanliness of your silk sarees. Being one of the most expensive and delicate sarees in your wardrobe, your treasured silk ones will require special care. Check out the basic guide below if you want to know how safely to wash your sarees.

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Tips to Clean Your Silk Saree.

To master the art of washing silk sarees at home, you can follow the saree care guide.

Soak your saree in cold water. 

Fill a large bucket with cold water, and dip your silk saree in it. Hand-washing your silk saree in cold water is the best option. Never rub the fabric against itself as it creates friction, and remove the suds stuck in the fibre.

Create a soaking solution.

Delicate sarees require a mild detergent for effective cleaning, making them last for a lifetime. Silk is a natural protein fibre that is as sensitive as the human skin. Therefore, ensure that you use a mild detergent that prevents your favourite silk saree from losing its colour and shrinking. Besides, check that your detergent is bleach-free.

Agitate the water

Gently pull your garment up and down for three to five minutes. It will remove all the dirt.

Rinse your garment in cold water.

Take out the saree from the detergent solution and rinse it under cold water to eliminate the traces of detergent. Never rub or brush your saree, even gently. Doing so makes the treads of the spring out- a disaster you will always avoid. Moreover, never twist your silk sarees, as it creates permanent wrinkles.

Soak up the moisture.

Never squeeze your silk saree. Instead, use multiple soft, dry towels. Place them carefully around the silk saree to soak in the water. Once you absorb the excess water, air dry the saree in the shade.

Dry and store your saree

Hang your saree on a clothesline or rack without placing it under direct sunlight. Ensure to dry them inside out. Never store your silk sarees with other fabrics. Use a muslin cloth to wrap your sarees or store them in saree covers. It avoids friction with other materials, preventing damage and tears in your favourite saree.

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