The first launderette dates back to 1934 in Fort Worth, Texas, where customers could rent the four washing machines by the hour to clean their clothes. The idea of cleaning clothes spread quickly across Texas, and by the end of the decade, several laundry services popped up throughout the United States.

However, today, everyone follows a busy schedule, leaving you with minimal time to relax and socialize with your family and friends. Luckily, advancements in technology helped ease some stress triggers in modern life, and one of the easiest ways to make your life easier is by using online laundry services. If your laundry drives you crazy, it is time to utilize the technology of laundry services.

Advantages of Online Laundry Services

The importance of laundry services dates back to when humans began outsourcing their tasks. With the advancement of technology, modern laundry services took over the old run-down laundromats at the street corners. Here are the benefits of the next-gen laundry service.

Home Delivery 

The best part of modern laundry services is that you do not require leaving your home or office to handle your laundry. Nowadays, most people are busy, making it impossible to visit a laundromat. With technology-driven laundry services, you enjoy convenient solutions. You can find all the services on the company’s website and save a lot of time on laundry chores. Most laundry services offer complimentary pick-up and delivery services, making your laundry hassle-free.

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Cost Saving 

Doing laundry at home often seems affordable until you consider all the logistics. First, you will require the best washing machine to handle all your laundry. The machine uses lots of water, detergent, and electricity, increasing your home maintenance cost. When you choose a tech-based laundry service, you pay only for the laundry services offered. You will never require spending on an expensive washer or paying monthly maintenance fees.


Modern laundry services have flexible plans that suit customers’ demands and income brackets. Whether you want to clean your bed linen, duvets, delicate items or any other garments, laundry services offer flexible and customizable solutions to suit your needs. Clients like students, household owners, hospitals, restaurants, and renters can also avail of their services. The best part of an online laundry service is choosing a weekly, monthly or annual subscription according to your requirements.

Eco Friendly

An online laundry service follows the most effective environmentally friendly washing and drying practices. Their large commercial machines use less water and require fewer loads for washing and drying the clothes. Besides, commercial dryers consume less energy and dry clothes without wrinkles.

Ease Price

Although the laundry charges depend on the number of clothes, the costs are below what an individual or organization spends to get the job done. When you opt for a laundry service, a pile of dirty clothes transforms into ready-to-wear clothes at a cost you pay for electricity and internet usage. Above all, their services include free pick-up, delivery and cloth folding, representing a better deal for both parties.

Fast Turnaround Times

The misconception of losing their clothes and delayed delivery are why most people refuse a laundry service. However, the best laundry services offer fast turnaround times for their services.

Summing Up

If you are still worried about your laundry, it is time to contact the best laundry service. The Laundry Basket, as a one-stop solution for your clothes, offers pick-up, wash, dry, fold, press, and delivery of them back to you after 24 hours. You can download the application and enjoy your life without laundry day.