Most of you love dressing up. However, it has no fun without a dash of color and vibrance. Although everyone loves wearing colorful clothes, trouble arises while washing them. Washing coloured clothes is a trick, as your clothes are prone to color fading. It is heartbreaking to see stains on your blue trousers spoiling your favorite white shirt. Therefore, while washing clothes, it is important to understand how to stop color fading in clothes and keep them intact.

Tips to Prevent Colour Fading From Clothes

You can preserve the looks of your favorite shirts, shorts, dresses and other garments by following these clothes washing tips.

Read the tag.

The first thumb rule for washing clothes is to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Every cloth comes with a tag and instructions like dry wash or washes in cold water and more. When you follow these instructions, you maintain the quality of your clothes without fading their colors.

Wash in cold water.

Another best piece of laundry advice is to wash your clothes in cold water. Most detergents you use today to perform well in cold water. Even though some manufacturers mention warm or hot water, cold water is the best choice, as it helps protect your garment’s color. Washing clothes in warm or hot water makes fibers dry and prone to release dye into the wash water.

Learn your washer settings.

When you wash your lightly soiled clothes, avoid washing them in a heavy setting. When you keep your washer settings heavy, your clothes experience more wear and tear and are more prone to color fading. Instead, select a less vigorous setting for your load.

Wash clothes inside out.

Regardless of how carefully you wash your clothes, your clothes will experience wear and tear. If you are particular about fabric care and avoiding damage, washing clothes inside out is the best way. Washing and drying clothing is rough on the outside. Turning garments inside out reduces piling, which dulls the look of the fabric. When hanging your clothes outside, it is crucial to turn them inside out. Although the sun is an excellent drying tool, it zaps the color right out of your clothing.

Sort your clothes

Ensure to separate the dark-coloured clothes from the white and other light-coloured clothes. The best way to wash clothes is to wash all the white together, the lights together, and the dark ones together. It prevents your clothes from color fading and coloring other clothes.

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