Dry cleaning is a process that uses liquids other than water to clean clothes, upholstery, bedding and other types of fabrics. The cleaning fluid that is used is a liquid and all garments are immersed and cleaned in a liquid solvent. Since there is no water involved, the process is called dry.

Why is dry cleaning important?

⬤  Dry cleaning preserves delicate fabrics. Even the gentlest cycle in your washing machine can damage your delicate fabrics since it uses soap.

⬤  Dry cleaning removes tough stains and clinging odours.

⬤  Clothes cleaned in a washing machine break down over time. On the other hand, dry cleaning is gentle on your clothing. They help to keep up its original shape and improve the longevity of your clothing.

⬤  Washing items by hand is time-consuming. So, dry cleaning saves you time and money.

⬤  Dry cleaners understand the science of clothing care, and can determine the best course of action for clothing that needs special attention.

⬤  With dry cleaning pickup and delivery, it is convenient and time saving.

⬤  Dry cleaners clean larger items than clothing such as rugs, slipcovers and oversized comforters which is impossible for you to handle at home.

How is dry cleaning done at Laundry Basket?

The cleaners will typically go through a pre-spotting process where they apply a chemical solvent, vacuum or heat on your garment which helps to remove stains during the actual dry cleaning process.

Once your clothes have been pre-spotted, your clothes are placed in a machine and immersed in a non-water based solvent. The clothes are rotated in a cylinder where the cleaning solvent is released in a steady amount during the cleaning process. Then the machine spins rapidly to get rid of any excess solvent and your clothes emerge dry.

Once your clothes have gone through the complete dry cleaning process, they are steamed, ironed and ready for delivery.

How to grow your dry cleaning business?

Know your customers

It is important to know the lifestyle and demographics of the surrounding community where you can do your business. You can effectively target their needs with various types of advertising. For example, If you are in an area with young professionals, an offer like 2 for 1 cleaning would be best.

Focus on convenience

Clean clothes are a necessity. So let your customers know how efficient your process is, and when they can expect their clothes to be delivered. If there is any unexpected problem, or you have completed the dry cleaning process early, give the customer a call to let them know.

Present a clean image

Make sure that your store is sanitised, clean and mess-free. And also make sure your employees look polished. If you have a delivery service, the service vans should be washed regularly and kept clutter-free.

Let your personality shine

Since you don’t have much face to face time with your customers, you might want to extend any time that you have with your customer. When any customer visits your store, they should be greeted friendly. You can extend that personal touch by giving useful tips for your customer, giving entertaining information about your business etc. So, this gives your customers a way to connect with your store even if they haven’t been for a while.

Create a business plan

A clear plan is essential for success as an entrepreneur. This is a retail business with repeat customers coming from a local area. You can offer subscription services to customers which can lead to increased profits. Regular profits help to create a reliable customer base.

Benefits of getting your dry cleaning at Laundry Basket

Our laundry services are priced at a cheaper rate and our brand is known for skin friendliness. The materials and liquids used are safe and harmless for your body. Based on the fabric, we have special folding steps to deliver the clothes with maximum freshness possible.


If you are looking for a budget friendly and eco-friendly dry cleaning service, you must try The Laundry Basket. We pick up the clothes, dry clean them, iron and fold them and deliver them to your doorstep. If you need more information about Laundry Basket, check our website.