A laundry service is a company which does laundry for its clients. Laundry services are especially popular with people who are busy, people who have high volumes of laundry, and people who dislike doing laundry. In a classic laundry service, the laundry is picked from homes, and then washed, dried, ironed, and delivered again at your doorstep. Additional services like stain treatment, dry cleaning may also be offered at some laundry services.  

How to keep your clothes clean and hygienic during monsoon

Monsoons always make you feel nostalgic. Even though many of us love the rainy season, getting drenched in the heavy rains is inevitable and so is the tedious process of drying clothes. The onset of diseases, and infections, the worry of traveling in drenched clothes is the doorstep to many hygiene problems.

If you keep these precautions in mind, you can keep your clothes clean and fresh during monsoons with your regular laundry appliances.  

Wash them immediately

During the monsoons, piling up our clothing in the laundry bag or washing machine is a bad idea. If your clothes are soaked in the rain, it is best to put them in the washer as soon as you come home. This makes sure that all the bacteria and dirt are wiped away and no bad smell remains on the fabrics.  

Iron away the moisture

In some cases even after you’ve dried your clothing, there is some sort of dampness left in them. This happens with large clothing such as bed sheets, sarees etc. Iron them immediately and ensure they are moisture-free. Now you have freshly washed and ironed clothing.  

Use camphor balls  

Doesn’t the foul smell from the wet clothing and carpets bother you during monsoons? This is because of the moisture in the air. The best way to keep your clothes smell fresh is to place camphor balls in your wardrobe. They not only soak the moisture from the air but also give your clothes a lovely fragrance.  

Use scented detergent

Using a scented detergent is a simple hack that can do wonders for you. Pick your favorite fragrant detergent from the local shops. The detergent not only gives your clothes a thorough wash but also removes any unpleasant odor from them.  

Allow the clothes to dry completely

Wouldn’t it be good to get the clothing dried as quickly as it takes to become wet? Unfortunately, it is not possible. It takes a lot of patience to get clothes dried during monsoons. You can dry the clothes partially while it is in the dryers of the washing machine. There is more moisture in the air than as usual, and one needs to ensure that clothes are completely dry before folding them. It not only makes the clothes fresh but also clean.  

Deodorize your washing machine

One of the smart hacks to keep your clothes clean is to deodorize your washing machine. If you have a front loading machine, add some baking powder in the drum and set the machine in normal wash. This not only cleans the washing machine but also removes the foul smell leaving the drum fresh for the next wash.  

How do I stop my clothes from smelling in monsoons?

⬤  In the room where your clothes are drying, put a bag of salt or rice which helps to keep the air in your room dry.  

⬤  In the room where you hang clothes to dry, light scented candles. Their smoke will remove the musty smell while they dry.  

⬤  Hanging dried neem leaves in your closet will keep your clothes away from microorganisms ensuring they are safe.  

⬤  Place naphthalene balls between layers of your clothes. It makes your closet smell fresh by preventing growth of microorganisms.  

Care taken for clothes at Laundry Basket for monsoons

Following these simple steps can keep you away from smelly clothes during the rainy season. At Laundry Basket, we have a team of experts who are professionals in the field of cleaning laundry who ensure that your garments smell fresh during the rainy season.  


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