Let’s get it straight; you might dip some liquid wash and just wipe off the dust particles over your benches, chairs, or even your computer screens daily before setting up the station. If this is you, then you have to continue reading, because what you are doing regularly does not equate to what is called office deep cleaning services

The Significance of Deep Cleaning Your Workspace

With the part of ‘deep’ cleaning, you should consider:

Therefore, maintaining your workplace in this way will be directly proportional to achieving a productive and hygienic workspace setup. Owing to the said, systematically giving your workspace a deep cleaning service comes vital to controlling your workstation from any harmful infections, as well as, making your employees feel pleasant and contented to work at. 

3 Tips on Where to Direct your Cleaning Team

If you are new to the context of deep cleaning services and you are unaware of how to start now, we have got you covered. The following points act as areas/points of your workplace where you must direct your cleaning company to manage with:

1. Kitchen:

With food spills and mess, your cafeteria or kitchen space does require a deep cleaning primarily, since it directly involves the roots of our health. So, here are the 4 regions in your mess that needs that cleaning:

  1. Cupboards.
  2. Garbage bins.
  3. Fridge.
  4. Grout.

Rather than going for a monthly clean with your other rooms, your office kitchen at least needs twice a week fresh deep sanitization!

2. Walls & Flooring:

Quite challenging areas of your office are the flooring and walls, especially chandeliers, and carpets. But besides these, your team should also focus on cleaning and dusting the stains and particles from:

  1. Curtains.
  2. Side Walls.
  3. Baseboards.
  4. Floortile Gaps.

And the point to be noted here is that, if your walls and flooring are not clean, it appears dirty to others’ eyes as well as does not allow healthy air circulation!

3. Bathrooms:

One of the highly prioritized areas of your workspace is that your restrooms and bathrooms. Based on the type of sanitary and ceramics you have fitted, your bathroom needs a deep clean procedure, just within a couple of days of use. Adding to the said, your bathroom cleaning team should also concentrate on:

  1. The walls and doors of the stalls.
  2. The inside of garbage bins and other personal hygiene bins.
  3. The walls behind your sinks and toilets.
  4. The base of your toilets as well as under the toilet bowl rim.

Remember, your workspace bathroom is the never-neglect area to deep clean and with healthy maintenance, you can work and rest safely!

The Laundry Basket for Your Deep Cleaning Needs

Notice that there are your office chairs, behind the electrical cords, stockroom shelving, your printers and scanners, and more that we have not covered yet. But if you wish to get more insights on this topic or if you actually want a deep cleaning service in Bangalore, then the professionals at “The Laundry Basket” are here to help you out.

With decades of professional experience, on-the-field supportive training to clean the challenging parts of your office, and great time management skills, the team here is ever-ready to promise an excellent service of workplace deep cleaning!

Final Thoughts

The idea of cleaning your office is not just limited to the chairs and computer screens, but are also inclusive of your bathroom sinks, kitchen fridges, and your floor baseboards. With the right Deep cleaning service, you can enhance your office in terms of hygiene in the long-run for your employees.