When the weekend starts, does this thought grip you, ‘’OMG, I will have to do my laundry today? Instead of planning for fun activities and parties with your friends, are you obsessing about household chores?

If you are looking for online laundry services in the Southern part of India, The Laundry Basket is a good choice. We will take utmost care of your clothes and take away the worries of getting your clothes washed and dry cleaned.  

What is laundry? Laundry Benefits

Laundry is basically the process of cleaning your clothes, undergarments, winter essentials etc. Water, laundry detergent and laundry softener are used to do the regular laundry.  

Benefits of choosing laundry for your clothes –

● It is an inexpensive option for your regular wear, gym wear and home wear clothes.

● Since water is used, it takes away all the sweat and gives a fresh smell to your clothes.

● It is energy efficient and since only water and soap are used, it is quite environment friendly too.  

What is Dry Cleaning? Dry cleaning Benefits

In dry-cleaning, chemical or environmentally friendly solvents are used instead of water for washing the clothes. They are washed without the use of water, and hence are known as dry cleaning.

Benefits of dry cleaning your clothes are –

● Since oil and grease are insoluble in water, washing your clothes with water and soap will not remove the stains. Hence people prefer to get such clothes dry cleaned.

● People normally prefer to get their expensive clothes like business suits, silk garments, garments with heavy embroidery to get dry cleaned. It keeps the sheen and thread quality intact as no water is used during the process.  

● You can trust dry cleaning for your delicate clothes which might get spoilt in washing machine cleaning.  

Factors to choose laundry or dry cleaning

● Type of fabric- If you intend to get your woolens, cashmere, delicate linens and dress materials like taffeta, satin and silk, it is a good idea to use dry cleaning. Cotton, polyester, synthetic materials and nylon are perfect for hand washing or machine wash with water and laundry detergent.  

● Quality (After wash/Dry cleaning)- The quality of the threads remain as is after dry cleaning if good quality solvents are used. However, if cheap solvents are used, it might discolor your clothes, and make your white garments yellow.  

● Fabric life- Fabric life is good for both wash and dry cleaning depending on the type of fabric you are using. If you want to wash blankets, curtains and other upholstery items which are heavy and difficult to fit into a washing machine, it is better to use dry cleaning.  

● Affordability- If you want to safeguard your expensive clothes, get them dry cleaned. Dry cleaning costs more than regular laundry services. Regular laundry is perfect for everyday wear.  

Laundry Service by the The Laundry Basket

If you are looking for dry cleaning services near me, you might have bumped into The Laundry Basket website. We have updated our website with the charges which you will have to pay for getting your clothes washed. We will pick the clothes and send them back to you so that you will not have to face any kind of inconvenience.  


Our customers trust us for our professional outlook towards the laundry business. We deliver as per the promised date and our business comes from repeat customers. We also show laundry and we are ready to cater to all types of laundry needs for you.  

We use environmentally friendly solvents that are biodegradable and safe for the wearer. No one ever complained about rashes or skin infections after wearing clothes washed or dry cleaned by us.