Tips to Explore the Best Laundry Service Providers Near You

Clean laundry is a necessity for any household as well as an individual, but it is boring, time-consuming, and back-breaking. Are you stuck in this drudgery? Worry not! These are times when you have easy fixes for everything and laundry is no different with several online laundry servicesoffering quality services.  Why choose a laundry service? Though […]

Laundry in Times of The Coronavirus

With the world struggling to cope up with Covid-19, cleanliness and hygiene have become our top priority. Cleanliness has a huge hand in keeping germs at bay amid The Coronavirus outbreak. We all know about washing hands, social distancing, keeping our faces covered, but what about our clothes? After all, they are what typically keeps many […]

How Can I Keep My Clothes from Losing Their Colour?

Are you someone who usually forgets to read the label on the cloth or just throws all of them together in the washing machine with a handful of detergent? Watch out because you might need to buy your clothes once every 2 months as they are definitely going to lose their colour and start looking […]

The Best Laundry Practice for Keeping Colors Vibrant

Even if Sunday is designated as “laundry day” in your home, that doesn’t mean you should toss everything — clothing, towels, sheets, and so on — into the washing machine at once. Some clothes need to be cleaned more often than once a week, while others may go longer between washes. Most of the time […]

The Importance of Deep Cleaning During COVID-19

Here at The Laundry Basket, we understand the importance of hygiene and cleanliness. During these times of the Coronavirus, the need for being clean, hygienic and sanitized at all times can never be overstated. Traditionally, being only a laundry service provider for your daily needs, the Coronavirus has broadened the hygiene needs of our customers. Based on customer […]

Steam Iron Service or Dry Iron Service? Which One To Choose And Why?

Laundry Service Ironing can be a time-consuming and exhaustive task for any person. Especially for working persons, it is important to maintain their clothes crisp and ironed. However, people always look for the easiest way out when it comes to ironing. Though one can take the help of an available laundry service, the financial question […]

Laundry Tricks and Hacks

5 Laundry Tricks and Hacks “I love doing the Laundry!” said no one ever! Well, out of all the house chores, laundry is the most hated one, am I right? Plus, we barely know just one or two things about getting laundry done – for example, dump the clothes into the machine, run it up […]

How To Keep Black Clothing From Fading?

There is no such person who may not like black in their wardrobe. Everyone has at least one black dress in their wardrobe and they prefer to keep it black and not let them get faded and turn to grey. With each wash your black colored clothing starts to fade. It is true that wear […]

Know about the Benefits & Services Features of Pressing Technique

From your costly tuxedos to some regular boxers, there is a gamut of choices and fabric options inside your wardrobe. But do you maintain each well and good? Do you not only wash and clean but also press them quite often? If you are new to learning about pressing cloth or simply, interested to know […]