The Best Tips to Wash Your Silk Clothes Effectively

With an overflow of light and a luxurious appearance, silk is an exotic natural fibre. Being an excellent thermoregulator, silk dresses and other such related kinds of laundry will require a few norms for its maintenance. Hygiene factors top those norms! It is however not a necessity to get your clothes any laundry service. Anyhow, […]

Everything You Need to Know About Dry Cleaning Services

Do you own expensive clothes? Are you caring especially for certain garments? Then they require a professional touch. The importance you give to maintain a piece of cloth is balanced by how clean it is. And dry cleaning and online laundry are the solutions. A chemical-based cleaning procedure, dry cleaning is also called ‘French cleaning’ since the French were […]

How Often Should We Dry Clean a Suit?

Suits form an integral part of a man’s wardrobe. It is often the most expensive addition to an existing collection and is an absolute necessity for business meetings and formal events. So, if you need to make an impression, never forget that perfect suit. But, to keep up appearances it is also important to ensure […]

Stained Your Favorite Cloth? 5 Ideas to Get Rid of Them (With Common Examples)

Breakfast snack stains, football grease marks, on-the-go business drinks stain, an accidental fall on the ground stains, vehicle tyre-change dirt mark, and the list goes on. The internal pain suffered due to your favorite clothing getting stained is much more than spilling your actual food itself on the ground. You don’t want your expensive shirt […]

Must-Read Tips to Clean, Wash & Dry Your Blankets

Blankets are one of the most common sleep products that are filled with plastic pellets and glass beads. They weigh between 5 to 50 pounds. The idea behind designing this blanket is to create an internal weight that offers a warm, cozy environment and helps to relieve stress. That pressure is effective for individuals with […]

Points You Should Know on Caring and Cleaning Your Cotton Clothes

The organic fibers derived from the seeds of a cotton plant is used in the making of garments. From shirts and skirts to socks and jeans, nearly all your clothes are manufactured through cotton. You will notice the usage of cotton even in bath linens, bedding, and medical supplies. Cotton fabric is quite durable as […]

Cloths Cleaning Myths You Should Stop Believing

Myths just float around in every sphere of life and clothing care myths are no different. We are here to debunk a few of the clothing care myths to help separate rhyme from reason: Clothing care myths you should stop believing in Despite your best effort and time, there are chances that you may not […]

The What, When, Where, Why & How of House Deep Cleaning Services

Cleaning your house is not a want; it is a need. It is moreover your responsibility to keep your home neat and tidy. Of course, getting your house cleaned might be tedious and spine-bending for nearly all of us; yet, considering the many benefits, you should manage it regularly! And here are a few reasons […]

We All Know About Hand-Washing, But What About Our Clothes?

Can Coronavirus Remain Active On Clothes? This and other questions answered The Coronavirus pandemic continues to significantly affect the lives of people across the globe. With all major events cancelled or postponed, travel restricted, employees working remotely, the Covid-19 has altered our lives in ways we never thought was imaginable. Face Masks, Hand Sanitizers, Hand Washes and […]

The Many Significance of Shoe Cleaning & Laundry Service

For individuals who hold personal values on cleanliness and health, you will understand the importance of cleaning your shoes. Buying a pair of brown or black shoes with branded tags and a luxurious appeal is a wish to many. Yet, only a few get satisfied post their purchase. And the most common reason for this […]